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  1. The Old Guard
    by Rise Of The Ziggurat
  2. Where Else
    by Inks Lake
  4. The Barrel Headlong Into the Night EP
    by Gozer Goodspeed
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. Impossible to Pick Up EP
    by Gozer Goodspeed
  6. The Rattlebone Colour EP
    by Gozer Goodspeed
  7. Running with the Outliers
    by Gozer Goodspeed
  8. Running with the Outliers
    by Gozer Goodspeed
  9. The Plinthsmania EP
    by John Dredge & The Plinths
  10. Havoc at the Midnight Hour
    by Aggressive Perfector
  11. No Rest For The Wicked
    by Truth And Janey
  12. Single Entendre
    by The Hot Rails
  13. Pies For Hands
    by sdrawkcaB tlepS annA
  14. A Life Extinct
    by Cross Wires
  15. Game for Life
    by Queens of Everything
  16. Plugged
    by Red or Dead
  17. Sour Days
    by Slowfish
  18. 2018 Fall Label Sampler
    by Take This To Heart Records
  19. Young At The Bend
    by Born Without Bones
  20. A Tongueless Tale
    by Son Of Boar
  21. Electric Bloom
    by Mad Man Sugar
  22. Killed By Faith
    by Abandoned
  23. Even a Worm Will Turn
    by Senza
  24. Whoopie Cat
    by Whoopie Cat
  25. The Night in the Forest
    by Tomistoma
  26. Proof of Concept
    by Gramma Vedetta
  27. Blank Screen
    by Blank Screen
  28. Only Contact
    by Wizzardstorm
  29. Hold On EP
    by 1 in Five
    appears in 1 other collection
  30. Evolve
    by 1 in Five
  31. Superseed
    by Superseed
  32. Travel Lodge
    by Cowboy Flying Saucer
  33. Safe Place - Single
    by Mr Happy Chainsaw
  34. Flat Earth Theory
    by Who Killed Nancy Johnson?
  35. Aftermaths
    by Kodacrome
  36. Welcome To The Party Pal!
    by The Siknotes
  37. The Stars Are Good... What?
    by Manipulant
  38. Think Of The Children
    by Kodacrome
  39. UK Publicity Machine
    by Red or Dead
    appears in 1 other collection
  40. Another Boy Drowning
    by Lemonade Kid
  41. Where The Statues Go To Sleep LP
    by Lemonade Kid
  42. Jackass Beats EP
    by Lemonade Kid
  43. Dust Breeding EP
    by Lemonade Kid
  44. Rising EP
    by Lemonade Kid
  45. Clays Rainbow
    by Lemonade Kid