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  1. Colour Green
    by Sibylle Baier
  2. Goodbyes and Beginnings
    by Suzanne Menzel
  3. Mirror Mirror
    by Caira Paravel
  4. Ritual Echoes In The Distant Forest
    by Sceptre Of The Fading Dawn
  5. Dystopia is for Lovers
    by Bary Center
  6. The Minstrel's Fireplace Tales
    by Medhelan
  7. Conjurings Vol. 1
    by Venetian Veil
  8. Swanyard
    by Coil
  9. Sky City: A Weak Heart to Break (Spit)
    by Varg
  10. Sky City: Even in the Heart of Heaven, Angels Can Still Feel Fear
    by Varg
  11. Astral Realms
    by Friedrich
  12. Mot det kalde nord
    by Taakeslottet
  13. Stregonia
    by Winterblood
  14. Träd, Gräs och Stenar
    by Träd, Gräs och Stenar
  15. Spiny Normen
    by Spiny Normen
  16. Demons in Medieval Times (2018)
    by Sunsunmoon
  17. Livael-Itu
    by Infernum
  18. Kalte Wälder der Sehnsucht
    by Forest Wanderer
  19. Mankind is Carrion, Fit for Nothing
  20. Il sentiero degli Dei
    by La Tredicesima Luna
  21. Murmurations
    by Wapentake
    by Charles Manson (ATWA | ATWAR)
  23. Consolidate
    by Anthony Linell
  24. Nordic Flora Series Pt. 3: Gore-Tex City
    by Varg
  25. To Fólkvangr...
    by Gróa Willing
  26. Beyond the River Skai
    by Trogool
  27. Saxon Pastoral
    by Wapentake
  28. Ash nazg durbatulûk... (1996)
    by Nasgûl
  29. Offering
    by Green Elder
  30. Songs from the Fyrgen
    by Wolcensmen
  31. Magiczny Las
    by Forest Whispers
  32. Journey Through The Mountain
  33. Förensligandet
    by D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.
  34. Inspirações
    by Iamí
  35. Treasures From The Dungeon (Vol. 1 & 2)
    by ARATH
  36. Pagans in Medieval Times (2015)
    by Sunsunmoon
  37. Variations. SEMANTICA 68X
    by Varg
  38. Venndiagram
    by DSR Lines
  39. Gold Box Renditions
    by Synth Bard
  40. Evilfeast - Lost Horizons of Wisdom
    by Amor Fati Productions
  41. Sage in the Tall Hills
    by Ranseur
  42. Das Ritual
    by Das Ritual
  43. VP027 : SUMMONING - Lugburz "Bronze"
    by Virus Productions
  44. VP028 : Summoning - Lost Tales "Bronze"
    by Virus Productions
  45. VP026 : SUMMONING - Stronghold "BRONZE"
    by Virus Productions