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  1. Iowa Dream
    by Arthur Russell
  2. Angel Youth
    by Vansire
  3. yellow house
    by orchid mantis
  4. Project 0
    by Chester Watson
  5. VHS
  6. III
    by ❀ Foliage ❀
  7. Fall 2017
    by Z Tapes
  8. Truths: Z Tapes (Special Edition)
    by ❀ Foliage ❀
  9. Dreams Tonite
    by Alvvays
  10. everytime
    by boy pablo
    Thank god for YouTube algorithms - it was a fateful day when this absolute bop started popping up in our recommended videos. As long as we've got young innovators like Pablo at the helm of this post-Mac era we find ourselves in, dropping tunes like this, the independent music world will be doing just fine.
  11. Lignin Poise
    by Benoît Pioulard
    I'm endlessly stunned by Benoit Pioulard's musical output, and this album continues that trend. In its gorgeously textured drones, Lignin Poise achieves a perfect balance between the expansive and the nuanced, lending itself to an exceedingly visceral and transporting listening experience. This is everything ambient music can and should be - definitely one of my favorite albums of the year, highly recommended.
  12. Summer 2017
    by Z Tapes
  13. Summer 2017
    by Z Tapes
    It's Been Ages (It Is Rain In My Face Cover) It's Been Ages (It Is Rain In My Face Cover)
  14. Tumblers From The Vault
    by Syrinx
    Hollywood Dream Trip Hollywood Dream Trip
    Harrowingly beautiful chamber pop/avant-electro experimentation from John Mills-Cockell, arguably one of the most forward-thinking compositional minds of the 70s. After his first band Intersystems folded, he went on to found Syrinx with Doug Pringle on saxophone and Alan Wells playing percussion, playing a number of Canadian coffee shops and going on to link with some big names like Miles Davis, Ravi Shankar, and Robert Moog. Incredible early modular synthesis - this comp is a must-listen!
  15. Won't Be There
    by Luke Reed
    Sarah Sarah
    An impressive exercise in powerful songwriting from a figure who has quietly been crafting some of the finest jangle pop jams and bedroom pop bangers to be heard over the past several years. Kudos to The Native Sound for giving these tunes the formal reissue they deserve - Luke Reed has stepped into the spotlight, and the music world is better off because of it.
  16. Star Roving
    by Slowdive
    I must admit, I've been a little ambivalent in the wake of all these shoegaze titans returning to action - I'm dubious about the new Ride album, didn't dig the new Jesus and Mary Chain single, and I wasn't taken by MBV when it dropped. But this single, this is something else. This is just too gorgeous. Slowdive has crafted an achingly beautiful, tune that captures everything there is to love about shoegaze in all its spacy glory. What an impressive return after a 22 year hiatus!
  17. Spirit Goth 2016
    by Compilation
    CASTLEBEAT - Falling Forward CASTLEBEAT - Falling Forward
    Quite flattered to be included on this one :) spirit goth is the bomb
  18. NEWS AT 11
    by 猫 シ Corp.
    Channel 4 Channel 4
    This album is a striking reminder of the emotional punch that vaporwave can pack. A nuanced, inventive and ultimately moving take on a dark chapter of American history which many other artists have tried and failed to capture.
  19. Sad Eyes EP
    by Mini Dresses
    Sad Eyes Sad Eyes
    My god this is gorgeous. Mini Dresses capture such a powerful atmosphere on this EP; in its tape-warbled lo-fi charm, the complexities of what they're doing here become more obvious after each listen. Kudos to the band for such an incredible release, I'm excited to see what's next!
  20. wolf under the moon's sky
    by rural lamplight