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  1. Connect
    by Planet Boelex
  2. Proto
    by 雄之助/Yunosuke
  3. Vol. 2: Blastoff!
    by Bad Command Co_
    Wheel Get Bi Wheel Get Bi
    Exciting music and great lyrics!
  4. ❤\:
    by Kōri
    Textured and thoughtful.
  5. Genesis
    by Arjax
    Cell Cell
    Something about this album is really enchanting to me. The lyrics are really well-conceived.
  6. HK
    by HKE
  7. Kikuo Miku 6
    by Kikuo
  8. Emotions
    by Yunosuke
  9. Sick & Panic
    by Macintosh Plus
  10. Diamonds
    by Silva Hound
  11. The Big Alliance
    by BIG AL Compilation Project
  12. Blank Goofee 0
    by Blank Goofee
  13. Unlock
    by 雄之助
  14. Dreams (feat. JubyPhonic)
    by 雄之助
  15. Palm Mall
    by 猫 シ Corp.
  16. Modern Century 現代センチュリー
    by CVLTVRΣ
  17. Upscale Loft 高級ロフト
    by CVLTVRΣ
  18. Get Wild
    by nostraightanswer
  19. SYNTECH 0 -Instrumental File-
    by nostraightanswer
  20. SYNTECH-
    by nostraightanswer