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  1. Visions
    by Dawn Of Leviathan
  2. Purpose (Re-Release)
    by Flub
  3. Caged in Memories
    by Anima Tempo
  4. Ebon Soul
    by Design The Void
  5. Counter Image (feat. Alex Koehler) [Reduxed Edition]
    by Design The Void
  6. In Motion
    by Design The Void
  7. Visionary EP
    by Design The Void
  8. Weightless
    by Design The Void
  9. Heavenshore
    by In Dread Response
  11. Flub
    by Flub
  12. II
    by Vale Of Pnath
  13. The End of an Era | Rebirth
    by Inferi
  14. Demiurgus
    by Equipoise
  15. Dreamstate
    by Stand Alone Complex
    by Stand Alone Complex
  17. Peace In Suffering - Single
    by Desolate Blight
  18. Elysian Sorrows - Single
    by Desolate Blight
  19. Distorted Light - Single
    by Desolate Blight
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  20. Savior
    by Greylotus
  21. Wanderlust
    by The Parallel
  22. The Resolute
    by The Parallel
  23. Pendulum (feat. Eric Almeida of AURAS)
    by The Parallel
  24. Equinox
    by The Parallel
  25. Embark
    by The Parallel
  26. Emergence
    by Dawn Of Leviathan
    Emergence Emergence
    10/10. #1 most anticipated follow-up release

    I'm always excited to listen to this EP, and disappointed when it ends. This EP is the cutting-edge of metal, and has redefined what music can, and should be. It's the most concrete expression of soul I've ever heard. It's a chaos organized, it's some transcendent, intelligent Beethoven-level shit, it's an ethereal, complex jungle soundscape.

    This EP is perfect. You need this.
  27. The Podium of Lies
    by We Are The Illusion
  28. Neuronal Asymmetry
    by Opus Maxima
  29. Illuminate
    by Artifact Implication
  30. Lucid Connection
    by Desolate Blight
  31. Three Kings
    by Plaguebringer
  32. Legions
    by In Lucid Dreams
  33. Clarity
    by Immortalis
  34. Maieutic
    by Truth Behold
  35. Luck Wont Save You
    by Luck Wont Save You
  36. Whispers From The World
    by Flash Before My Eyes