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  1. Bioamorfo
    by Mareaboba
    Dejame te platico Dejame te platico
    Bioamorfo collects Mexican Cumbia's basic rythms and plays with acid and twisted sounds to make a homogenic texture throughout all the EP. Mareaboba experiments with a music style that was apparently condemned to monotony, obtaining an excellent result. 8.5/10
  2. 빌린 입 Borrowed Tongue
    by Minhwee Lee
    부은 발 Swollen Foot 부은 발 Swollen Foot
    There is Always something exotic with the music sang not in english, but in other languages. Minhwee Lee sings about dark poetry decorated with simple Folk sounds, and bright, ellegant Jazz elements. This album is so excelent that its uniqueness can be notticeable from the album's cover art. 8.8/10
  3. LE CLICHÉ - The Product Is You [SINCRO-006]
    Romantics Romantics
    Le Cliché's ''The Product Is You'' is definitely an unusual EBM album, sometimes it feels more IDM, but it's always danceable and ironically happy. Gerard Ryan subtly criticize the consumerism with PC-like Vocals that may sound better than Holly Herndon's Platform. 8.5/10
  4. Wonderland
    by Noosa
    Stranger Stranger
    Who'd have imagined, Electrofolk had never been so magical and colorful. Wonderland's sound is polished enough to be called a masterpiece. Utopic and deep, this album is enjoyable from start to end. 7.9/10
  5. Opal's Sunflowers
    by Visonia
    The Love Without You The Love Without You
    Visonia knows how to make the dancefloor darker. The fact the album has songs in english, french, and spanish makes it very rich and beautiful. This album starts at the afterparty and ends when the dawn starts. 8.6/10
  6. Becoming N(one)
    by v1984
    The Birth of Venus The Birth of Venus
    Caos and Harmony coexist if they go hand by hand with Melody. Becoming N(one) could be a dream that becomes a nightmare, galactic sounds that mix together until they create a cold, eerie ambient that sucks you up till the end. Masterpiece. 9.7/10
  7. DREI
    by EMIKA
    My Heart Bleeds Melody My Heart Bleeds Melody
    The sound is dark, metallic, and humid. The little fragments of ''Klavirni'' all over the album feel good. The lyrics are complex, and hide their own secrets that should be discovered enjoying every single second. 8/10