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  1. Metamorphosis
    by The Circle
  2. Trip to Sweden
    by WEEDIAN
  3. Vile Genesis
    by Inferi
  4. Desolate
    by Ophidian I
  5. Vermine
  6. Prodigy of the Grotesque
    by Goreworm
  7. Dimensions Adrift
    by Throne of Exile
  8. Rodrigo y Gabriela (Deluxe Edition)
    by Rodrigo y Gabriela
  9. Dawn Of The Last Day
    by Godless Crusade
    Holy shit dudes, wish I'd have been paying attention in 2007.
    This holds up as a shredding, riff-heavy thrash/death monster. Love this style. Feels pure.
  10. Flesh Over Finite
    by Chiliasm
    I have never purchased something so quickly in my life. If this band continues to release tracks of this calibre, they will be the bossmasters of metal for the foreseeable future.
    Incredible. Also, THAT BASS! Edit:Just seen the guestlist...makes sense now...
  11. An Endless Path
    by Helslave
  12. This Too Shall Pass
    by Immorium
    Pricey, but I simply couldn't not own this beast of a record. Heavy as hell but with great emotion and melodies in the crushing riffs, along with a powerful and varied vocalist. More please IMMORIUM! 🤘
  13. Pierceive
    by Screaming Banshee
  14. Aura of Iniquity
    by Dead World Reclamation
  15. Paint The Sky With Blood
    by Bodom After Midnight
  16. Fate Of Atlantis
    by Nyktophobia
  17. The Amygdaloid Decay
    by Dethrone The Corrupted
  18. Occhiolism
    by Hatalom
  19. A Monument to Silence
    by Alustrium
    Absolutely stellar release from a band I've been following for a while now.
    Heavy, melodic and powerfully emotional, this is metal at its finest.
  20. Asheran
    by DVNE
    Just discovered DVNE and holy cow man. Stunning, mesmeric music. A beautiful find. Colossal riffs but delicate melodies. Emotional but heavy as hell. Wonderful stuff.