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  1. The Holy Spirit
    by True Strength
  2. Storming The Walls
    by Triumpher
  3. Legions
    by Desolate Realm
  4. Violent Creed Of Vengeance
    by Smoulder
  5. Métamorphose
    by Sortilège
  6. Rampage
    by CRUELLA
  7. Wild Rites And Ancient Songs
    by Blazon Rite
  8. Ascent of Kings
    by Cromlech
  9. Iron Guard
    by Cromlech
  10. Ave Mortis
    by Cromlech
  11. Abigail
    by King Diamond
    Black Horsemen Black Horsemen
    If you dont have this in your collection in vinyl version, you suck and should die!
    Thanks to Hardy Brave that I dont suck and dont deserve to die anymore.
    In case you need a description or review of this album, you really suck and deserve to die. Even more so if you dont like the vocals. Long live the KING ⚔
  12. Vol. 2
    by Skyryder
    Midnight Ryder Midnight Ryder
    If you love 80ies Metal, especially "Defenders of the Faith"-era Judas Priest ,this will be a very nice hidden underground jewel in your collection
  13. Vol. 1
    by Skyryder
    Sentinel (Of The Spaceways) Sentinel (Of The Spaceways)
    I loved the Vol 1 and the Vol 2 back when doing the reviews for Metalunderground Austria. Lately I rediscovered the CD-Versions in the HRR Online Shop. And I absolutely had to add this to my collection here too. Skyryder have all the true metal stuff in their genes, hope there's more coming in the future
  14. At The Heart Of Wintervale
    by Twilight Force
    The Last Crystal Bearer The Last Crystal Bearer
    On their fourth album Twilight Force yet again combine all the strengths of their previous three albums, adding some filmscore-elements and even some radio play elements into the mix (Last Crystal Bearer).

    Another masterpiece of the only Symphonic Power Metal Band that ever actually mattered
  15. The War Of Steel Has Begun
    by Rocka Rollas
  16. The Road To Destruction
    by Rocka Rollas
  17. Celtic Kings
    by Rocka Rollas
  18. Pagan Ritual
    by Rocka Rollas
  19. Metal Strikes Back: Definitive Edition
    by Rocka Rollas
  20. Hymns Of Triumph And Death
    by Blazon Stone