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  1. Identity Sequence
    by zircon
  2. Mosaic
    by NeuroWulf
  3. Decoder
    by Noise Unit
  4. Strategy Of Violence
    by Noise Unit
    Kick To Kill Kick To Kill
  5. Hijacker
    by Jeremy Inkel
  6. Consolidate: A Retrospective Compilation (Beast, Invasion, and Pop that Pretty Thirty EP's 2014-2015)
    by Rabbit Junk
  7. Brute Force
    by The Algorithm
    rootkit rootkit
  8. Burn Out At The Hydrogen Bar (2021 Remaster)
    by Chemlab
    Suicide Jag Suicide Jag
  9. Just Defy
    by Mindless Faith
    Over The Fence Over The Fence
  10. Couldn't Have Said It Better vol.1
    by Nuclear*Sun
    Under Under
  11. Arcade
    by Machinae Supremacy
    March of The Undead 2 March of The Undead 2
  12. Origin
    by Machinae Supremacy
    Anthem Apocalyptica Anthem Apocalyptica
  13. Fury
    by Machinae Supremacy
    Steve's Quest Steve's Quest
  14. Echoes
    by Machinae Supremacy
    Sidology 3 — Apex Ultima Sidology 3 — Apex Ultima
  15. Skin
    by 16volt
    Uplift Uplift
  16. Wisdom
    by 16volt
    Motorskill Motorskill
  17. Etamines
    by Khetzal
    Acide Formique Acide Formique
  18. Cherish The Light Years
    by Cold Cave
    Confetti Confetti
  19. Three Cheers For The Newlydeads
    by Ashbury Heights
    Corsair Corsair
  20. Solace
    by Neurotech
    In Raging Reclaim In Raging Reclaim