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  1. Westfalenwalze
    by Mojo Jazz Mob
  2. Wrong again, Albert...
    by The Cosmic Trip Advisors
  3. Turn On, Tune In, Freak Out!
  4. Mocker Fuzzers
    by Dead Acid People
  5. Earth, Weed & Fire
    by Dead Acid People
  6. Meltdown On The Horizon
    by Frozen Planet....1969
  7. The Narrow Line
    by Craneium
  8. Tinnitus the Night
    by Roadsaw
  9. Strangers
    by Obsidian Sea
  10. Blues From The Tombs
    by Skånska Mord
  11. Cloud Eye
    by Elevators To The Grateful Sky
  12. Salem's Bend
    by Salem's Bend
  13. Supercluster
    by Salem's Bend
  14. Time of the Healer
    by Bright Curse
    by SKUNK
  16. Thousand Sons Of Sleep
    by Godsleep
  17. Coming of Age
    by Godsleep
  18. Please Do It Yourself
    by Häshcut
  19. Valley Of The Universe
    by Full Tone Generator
  20. Disrule - Sleep in Your Honour
    by Disrule
  21. To Build a Fire
    by Jakethehawk
  22. Sonnenfracht
  23. Gravitationsnarkose
  24. The Heavy Medicinal Grand Exposition
    by Frozen Planet....1969
  25. The World Today
    by Hobo Magic
  26. Till Marijannah
    by Marijannah
  27. Dogfight EP
    by Sedulus
  28. The Sleepers Awaken
    by Sedulus
  29. The Beta EP
    by Sedulus
  30. Launch Sequence
    by Spacetrucker
  31. Smooth Orbit
    by Spacetrucker
  32. Krautrocker
    by Zen Bison
  33. Nitrogen
    by Mantra Machine
  34. Maneuvers
    by Sasquatch
  35. Absturz
    by Mother Engine
  36. Muttermaschine
    by Mother Engine
  37. Red Eyes Blues
    by Heavy Stone
  38. Black Magic
    by Heavy Stone
  39. Wretch
    by Wretch
  40. III
    by Naxatras
  41. Riffography
    by Borracho
  42. Tierra del Fuego
  43. Fuck The Sun
    by Stone From The Sky
  44. Tell it to the Judge
    by The Judge
  45. Way of the Hoof
    by Boudain