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  1. Tona
    by Tona
    Skate Zen Skate Zen
    The Rock Album of 2022.
  2. The Hand That Winds the Clock
    by Stellar Seer
    Warrel Dane & Nevermore comparisons are way too lazy; this dish—beyond being perfectly seasoned has a lot of surprising spice, hoping for the full course with a full length. That vibrato has a Buckley-esque magic that hope carries the torch for those 2 musicians that are sadly no longer here.
  3. S/T
    by MSPAINT
    Confidence (Consciousness) Confidence (Consciousness)
    Fresh As All Fuck.
  4. Through Sheer Will And Black Magic...
    by Daeva
  5. Ghosts In The Land Of Promise
    by Pacific Latitudes
  6. Good.
    by The Sawtooth Grin
  7. Vol. 1 & 2
    by God is War X Apaixonar
  8. Immortal's Requiem
    by Phantom Spell
  9. Concealment
  10. Mermaids and Narwahls
    by Syrinx
  11. The Road To Nuclear Holocaust
    by Ä.I.D.S.
  12. MAL
    by Ordovician Records
    Friend Song Friend Song
    So nice, i bought it twice. Support these Herculean dreamers.
  13. Malbum
    by Mal
    Wrong Time Wrong Time
    The Royal Adventure For Every Megafanatic and Meganerd, Elite Musicality, Premium Individuality, Energetic Dexterity, Minneapolis Strong. Thank You Champions.
  14. Capsule
    by CRYPTAE
    Black & White 3D Metal Masters Are Back.
  15. Cainsmarsh
    Criminal Betrayers Criminal Betrayers
    Synth-driven Nuclear Carnivore Bludgeoning.
  16. Grailkeeper's Gate
    by Thought Sphere
  17. Vague Horizons
    by Thought Sphere
  18. Ways Of Desolation
    by Ways Of Desolation
  19. Emerald
    by Thought Sphere
  20. Eos
    by Thought Sphere