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  1. Causa
    by Vitalism
  2. Gradus
    by Vitalism
  3. She Began To Cry Tears Of Blood Which Became Little Brick Houses When They Hit The Ground
    by Venetian Snares
  4. Robotic Drum Set & Analog Bass
    by KinetiX
    by qebrus
  6. Partition EP (Terminal)
    by Current Value
  7. Cooh - Kill Your Ennemies
    by Cooh
  8. The Mutual Promise
    by chibi-tech
  9. Bollywood Breaks
    by end.user
  10. AMBUSH E.P.
  11. Clearance Bin
    by Snares Man!
  12. printf<"shiver in eternal darkness/n">;
    by Venetian Snares
  13. 2370894
    by Vsnares
  14. C:\>CHKDSK /F
  15. A Pink Sunset For No One
    by Noveller
  16. Fantastic Planet
    by Noveller
  17. One Foot In The Rave
    by Shitmat
    A record any true shitmat fan must have at least in some form, when this came out it was like going back in time to the beginning all over again.
  18. Full English Breakfest
    by Shitmat
    Yet another bag of bangers from shitmat that anyone like me must have. Just so good. True jungle roots coming back at us from every direction haha. Never gets old for me.
  19. Gary's Gruesome Remixes
    by Shitmat & Friends
    Just plain hot.
  20. Killababylonkutz
    by Shitmat
    Idk man this one just did it for me from the beginning like I already knew but not like I did once this record really set in on me like I didn't stop listening to this & only this for 2-3 years practically hahaha 100% pure Babylon jungle classic/claimage.
  21. Shopliftin' Gabba
    by Shitmat
    Where it all started, and plenty of us knew right away, this boy fina be around lol
  22. Hang The DJ
    by Shitmat
    I had to grab this one in honor of my boy James, rest in power fool!
  23. Roughneck Rarities
    by Shitmat
    And what true junglist can go without this basher eh? Another classic for sure, flashbacks of flashbacks lol hard jungle claimage.
  24. Full of Shit
    by Shitmat
    I couldn't come for the rest of his stuff without grabbing this one too lol
  25. Global Hypercolour EP
    by Shitmat
    This record actually kinda surprised me, it's good & different & being both is always good.
  26. Killababylonkutz 2
    by Shitmat
    I just plain had to have this just cuz it's funny, good, trash, &, I had to smash it into the original, which I have ;;))
  27. This Heat Will Melt the Earth
    by Noveller
  28. Beneath the Basin
    by Noveller
  29. Traditional Synthesizer Music
    by Venetian Snares
    One of a kind golden gem of analog from one of the best. surely one of my favorite albums in a long while.