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Paws and People Holistic Health
Paws and People Holistic Health
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  1. The Sky Above
    by Borrtex
  2. Rising of the Sun
    by Borrtex
  3. Under the Waves
    by Borrtex
  4. Possible (2021 LP)
    by East Forest
    My sister was murdered this year by her husband who then took his own life, devastating her children and the rest of the family. UNDYING was and is my silent scream for her to come back....for me to fully grieve......for all of us to be ok and finally for the wish that that day never happened......this song especially is helping me move thru the waves of grief more fully so I don't carry it forward but can leave it in the here and now. thank you Trevor, so much.....
  5. Departure Songs
    by Hammock
    your music....ALL of it takes me completely out of body to some amazing realms and experiences...thank you. I want to hug someone and cry as it brings up long held traumas that are so way past ready to release.
  6. Mysterium
    by Hammock
    im NEVER at a loss for words, ever.....and yet there ARE NO WORDS to describe this album except TRANSCENDENT.....🙏❤🙏❤🙏❤
  7. Goddess Prayer
    by Krishna Das
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  8. Ramaya Hanuman Chalisa
    by Nina Rao
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  9. Amma Sita Ram
    by Nina Rao
  10. Ubi Caritas
    by Ambika
  11. Life EP
    by CMA
  12. Music For Mushrooms: A Soundtrack For The Psychedelic Practitioner | (2019)
    by East Forest
  13. Voyager (2020 Single)
    by ANNA, East Forest
    when my body I'm going to get a new mantra or song to dig into and release the stuck.muck I always seem to be drawn to your music and this one is no exception....simply and deeply healing and magical...sublime....sacred
  14. 10 Laws
    by East Forest
    VCJS voice on track one is a supreme blend of soft strength and really takes the song 10.laws to a whole new level.for me.
  15. Deliquesce
    by East Forest
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  16. Awareness
    by Ram Dass, Boreta, Superposition
  17. STILL [Guided Meditations] | (2020 EP)
    by East Forest
    This album opened parts of my heart that had long been closed and im weeping from the grace and love these sounds access......thank you Trevor for THIS...this album.......#gratefulheart
  18. Ang Sang Wahe Guru
    by Carrie Grossman (Dayashila)
  19. Oh Boy! Oh Joy! (Ringtone)
    by Ram Dass
  20. Jai SitaRam -KP|RG (feat. ghosti)
    by Kripa
    its beautiful.....I can lose myself in it yet find myself in the same moments.
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