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Panagiotis Balanos

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  1. Deformation Of Humanity
    by Phlebotomized
  2. The Unfathomable
  3. Heathen
    by Aeternus
  4. Written in waters
    by Ved Buens Ende
  5. Turiec
    by Lunatic Gods
  6. Dreaming Spire
  7. Another Nail in the Coffin
    by Deadlife
  8. The Sons of Fëanor
  9. Porphyria
    by Deadlife
  10. Passage
    by ALDA
  11. Assassine
    by Darkend
  12. Grand Guignol - Book I
    by Darkend
  13. Twisted Prayers
    by Gruesome
  14. ...And You Will Obey Me (Death Metal/Crust)
    by DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN (International)
  15. The Forgotten Tome
    by Overoth
  16. Ode To Acts Of Murder, Dystopia And Suicide
  17. Worship The Grave
    by Dawn of Disease
  18. ARVET
    by GRIFT
  19. As All Light Leaves Her
    by Advent Sorrow
  20. Dark Contagion
    by Fondlecorpse
  21. Retaliation
    by Obscenity
  22. The Brimstone Aggrandizement (Death Metal Supergroup)
    by ECHELON (International)
  23. The Lesser God
    by Dumal
  24. Mayhem in Blue
    by Hail Spirit Noir
  25. Sweet Hollow
    by THEM
  26. Hanter Savet
    by Vindland
  27. Forging the sanctuary
    by Defaced
  28. Arise From Ashes
    by Arise From Ashes
  29. Oathbreaker
    by Hoth
  30. Desecrating Obscurity
    by FUNEST
  31. This is No FairyTale
    by Carach Angren
  32. The Epochs that Built the Mountains
    by Appalachian Winter