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  1. left field miracles
    by lady jane
    talk talk talk talk
  2. The Irrepassable Gate
    by ASH BORER
    The Irrepassable Gate The Irrepassable Gate
  3. Weltschmerz
    by Fórn
    Saudade (Part I) Saudade (Part I)
  4. Untitled (2015)
    by False
    Untitled Untitled
    Sulla now busied himself with slaughter, and murders without number or limit filled the city....

    —Plutarch, "Sulla"
  5. Heathen
    by Thou
    Free Will Free Will
  6. The Departure Of Consciousness
    by Fórn
    Suffering In The Eternal Void Suffering In The Eternal Void
    I have persecuted the natives of England beyond all reason.
    Whether gentle or simple I have cruelly oppressed them.
    Many I unjustly disinherited; innumerable multitudes perished through me by famine or the sword.

    Having gained the throne of that kingdom by so many crimes,
    I dare not leave it to anyone but God.

    —Deathbed confession of Guillaume le Bâtard, 1087
    (Epigraph to "The Wake" by Paul Kingsnorth)
  7. Blooming / Middling
    by Smoke Bellow
    Hitching Post Hitching Post
  8. Dark Space III I
    by Darkspace
    Dark 4.19 Dark 4.19
    The soundscape this music is built on reminds me of those fabulously eerie NASA albums, 'Symphonies of the Planets,' conversions of Voyager's electromagnetic data into sound. The riff in 4.19 is like a nebula headbanging. Magnificent, utterly enthralling.
  9. The Serpent & The Sphere
    by Agalloch
    Dark Matter Gods Dark Matter Gods
  10. Mantra
    by Theoria
    Sons of Past's Decay Sons of Past's Decay
    Limping like a clock on her left leg,
    at the beloved gait, over the empty earth,
    she keeps a little ahead of the quick girl,
    her friend, and the young man almost her age.
    What's holding her back
    drives her on.
    What she must know is coming
    drags at her foot. She must know
    that under the air, this spring,
    our mother earth is ready for us
    and that it will go on like this forever.

    from '394'
    Osip Mandelstam
    (trans. Brown & Merwin)
  11. Valonielu
    by Oranssi Pazuzu
    Tyhjä Tempelli Tyhjä Tempelli
    It is spring and I keep seeing things dead, dying — it's strange, the frequency of it — every day, something dead on the ground and being dispersed by ants and flies — as though Earth is trying to tell me something...
  12. Regnum Saturni
    by Fell Voices
    Dawn Dawn
    I look at the stamp on your first letter.
    It’s a month or more since it came.
    During that time you’ve haunted this house,
    called to me, frightened me, changed
    from Ate into a green Erinys.
    Today I got your photograph:
    it is a girl sitting alone on some logs
    near the darkening lake.

    'I Look at the Stamp'
    Olav H. Hauge (trans. Robert Bly)
  13. Gambling on the Richter Scale
    by Kowloon Walled City
    Bone Loss Bone Loss
    Bless this force, it has me entangled. Heavy, heavy grace.
  14. Container Ships
    by Kowloon Walled City
    Wrong Side of History Wrong Side of History
    Once again I slouch to heavily percussive metal as a treatment —

    But this is something special, melodic and full of wondrous racket, yet spacious —

    I kept meaning to check them out, am always slow to catch on, oh well, better late than &c. —

    “Mistress,” I said, “I need some grub.”

    The old woman raised the dripping whites of her half-blind eyes and lowered them again.

    “Comrade,” she said after a short silence. “All of this makes me want to hang myself.”

    — Isaac Babel, 'My First Goose'
  15. Bloodlands
    by Ash Borer
    Dirge / Purgation Dirge / Purgation
    I encounter Ash Borer over time, find myself listening over and over, in different states of mind, different places, encountering what dwells already inside me and is drawn to breath by this music. I wonder: how to make unconscious matter breathe, and then speak in its own way, and what to have it say? Breaths become speechsong; their music runs along a line of my body which speaks unconscious matter, and, at the turning of breaths, they make joyous life in my malfunctioning shell...
  16. Dead Circle
    by Generation of Vipers
    Yearning Yearning
    A long walk under hard white light. Something quiet comes wrapped in a fury. This summer has been slow and brutal, and I seem to have spent most of it listening to Generation of Vipers. I wonder what I find so distinctly beautiful about their music. It is not transcendent, nothing so basic; maybe it is what I am always looking for, music that sounds like the continuation of itself, the volume turned up on something always already there, already in motion.
  17. Mammal
    Feather And Bone Feather And Bone
    Again with 'Mammal' I get a sense of tremendous space from Altar of Plagues, and of something pervasive that was forgotten now being returned to consciousness; not summoned, but rather transmuted; or at least shifted so it becomes meaningful. Is the purpose of art to shift things until they make new meaning? A different kind of beauty? Maybe. I do think 'Mammal' is a work of remarkable beauty.
  18. Howl and Filth
    by Generation of Vipers
    Eternal Eternal
    This is HEAVY metal, solidly heavy, the kind of music that gives me a deep soul massage and makes me feel human.
  19. Withering Hope
    by Serpent Ov Old
    This Insidious Gospel This Insidious Gospel
    Terrific. And, perhaps oddly, certain parts of this really scratch my power metal itch.
  20. Deep Mountains
    by Deep Mountains
    山魂 山魂
    Exquisite. Elemental. Sacred forest metal. When at last Earth wakes and shakes us off like dust, its ancient spirits will reclaim the planet singing glory songs like these.
  21. Anicon
    by Anicon
    Current of Ash and White Current of Ash and White
    Soothing. Healing. Walking music.
  22. Split
    by Barghest/False
    Heavy as a Church Tower Heavy as a Church Tower
    Majestic False. Probably only in my mind do they link synapses with Emperor. Zip zap pow.
  23. Untitled
    by FALSE
    The Key Of Passive Suffering The Key Of Passive Suffering
    I love her voice. Same reason I love Ludicra (aside from A. Dekker) – love to listen to women singing black metal. Love love & love.
  24. Untitled (II)
    by Fell Voices
    Untitled Untitled
    The whole thing is my favourite track. LP is a thing of beauty (Gilead Media).
  25. Ash Borer/Fell Voices Split LP
    by Ash Borer/Fell Voices
    Untitled Untitled
    Another beautiful Gilead LP.
  26. White Tomb
    Through The Collapse - Watchers Restrained Through The Collapse - Watchers Restrained
    Makes me think of Tollund Man. These sounds are cast to us from very far away.
  27. Ash Borer
    by Ash Borer
    My Curse Was Raised in the Darkness Against a Doomsday Silence My Curse Was Raised in the Darkness Against a Doomsday Silence
    One of my all-time favourite albums. Everything feels right, the whole is sublime. The cover art too, just look at that! I can't even draw a stick man.