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  1. Paleopneumatic
    by Dissona
    Outside The Skin Outside The Skin
    "The truth is, you’ll be met with an eclectic array of styles and sounds that requires your undivided attention."

    "The playful nature of the instrumentation creates a veritable aural rollercoaster."

    "...Paleopneumatic is nothing short of impressive."

    Full review here:
  2. Mir
    by Godbite
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  3. The Supervoid Choral Ensemble
    by The Supervoid Choral Ensemble
  4. Distortions from Cosmogony
    by The Arcane Order
  5. Contemplator
    by Contemplator
  6. Iconoclast
    by Herod
  7. Dissona
    by Dissona
    Nest Nest
    Immaculate songwriting of near unprecedented originality within the modern prog scene. I can't even express how masterfully crafted this album is...
  8. 12 Areas
    by Telepathy
    Cystine Knot Cystine Knot
    You'll be lured in with soothing instrumentation, crushed by riffs embodying the weight of the ocean, and have your incapacitated body dragged along the sea bed on a journey through serenity. My only gripe: the thing's too damn short! Check out my full mini-review over here:

    On a side note, I sincerely hope they re-record the Fracture EP, the riffs sound amazing!
  9. Mechanical Fiction
    by The Gorge
  10. The Amensal Rise
    by Omnerod
  11. Deformity Adrift
    by Nightmarer
  12. Drifting in a Sea of Uncertainty
    by Lucid Awakening
  13. Vesper
    by Entropia
  14. Infinite Fields
    by Irreversible Mechanism
  15. Astronoid
    by Astronoid
  16. XIII
    by Soledad
  17. Pumpkin Palace
    by Echopraxia
    Grasp of Malok Grasp of Malok
    This EP is an absolute feast of delicious melodies and grooves. The theatricality of the music completely overpowers the lack of vocals, telling an ineffable story vivid with emotive peaks and troughs. The one-man band takes his entrancing array of colourful guitar noodling and tastefully programmed instrumentation shown on his debut EP and brings in cheesy yet suspenseful symphonic augmentations to make the spookiest release yours have endured.
    by Troldhaugen
    Hunting Tactics For Mythical Creatures Hunting Tactics For Mythical Creatures
    This confluence of Diablo Swing Orchestra - minus the female vocals - and Finntroll is the new soundtrack to your routine morning jig. You don't have one?! You're about to change your mind. I'll endeavor to do this album justice - imagine: a complete jazz brass-section forcing the "u" in bouncy; multi-vocalist arrangements influenced by a diverse range of genres; infectiously groovy instrumentation; a jack-of-all-styles vocalist; frivolous genre-dancing - what's not to like?
  19. Grinding Gears, Vol. 2
    by Rabea Massaad
    Cthulhu Cthulhu
    Rabea has a mesmerizingly deep connection with his instrument. He is able to churn out groove, melody, and shred alike with seamless fashion. So much so that his demos for various gear on the platform have been amalgamated into two EPs (now three), both aptly titled Grinding Gears, out of sheer demand from his subscribers. The last time I was grooved this hard was Damian Murdoch Trio's Electric Tentacles or Step In Fluid's One Step Beyond.
  20. Coloratura
    by Syncatto
    Spicy Spicy
    Does the name Charlie Robbins sound familiar? How about his band, Artificial Language? Forget everything you know. He has utterly recreated his sound on this here EP. I'm willing to wager that a better fusion of flamenco(?) and metal simply does not exist. Prepare for involuntary movements especially after consuming "Spicy".