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  1. Dirty Habits
    by Lou Kelly
    Dirt On The Floor Dirt On The Floor
  2. Dissona
    by Dissona
    Nest Nest
    Immaculate songwriting of near unprecedented originality within the modern prog scene. I can't even express how masterfully crafted this album is...
  3. Paleopneumatic
    by Dissona
    Outside The Skin Outside The Skin
    "The truth is, you’ll be met with an eclectic array of styles and sounds that requires your undivided attention."

    "The playful nature of the instrumentation creates a veritable aural rollercoaster."

    "...Paleopneumatic is nothing short of impressive."

    Full review here:
  4. 2014 - What Kind Of Creature Am I?
    by Toehider
    Meet The Sloth Meet The Sloth
    Balls-out theatrics. That's what this album's about. If that doesn't intrigue you, don't bother. I'd say this sounds like Queen-gone-metal based on what little I know of said band. From jubilant frivolity (see "The Thing With Me") to frenzied eccentricity (see "Geese Lycan") Toehider knows no boundaries. The undeniable powerhouse of vocal talent draws me in time and time again. Check out my mini-review over here:
  5. Truth Knowledge Vision
    by Torrential Downpour
    The Offering The Offering
    In short - mindblowing.
  6. 12 Areas
    by Telepathy
    Cystine Knot Cystine Knot
    You'll be lured in with soothing instrumentation, crushed by riffs embodying the weight of the ocean, and have your incapacitated body dragged along the sea bed on a journey through serenity. My only gripe: the thing's too damn short! Check out my full mini-review over here:

    On a side note, I sincerely hope they re-record the Fracture EP, the riffs sound amazing!
  7. The Awakening / Last Fight of the Primordial
    by Back To R'lyeh
    Basil Abscond Basil Abscond
    Cthulhu worshipping metal with a unique, quirky personality. In short, one of the most well-crafted and ambitious albums I've heard recently.
  8. To Release is to Resolve
    by Byzantine
    Scold's Bridal Scold's Bridal
  9. Ratocracy
    by Arsafes
    Divine Divine
    by Troldhaugen
    Hunting Tactics For Mythical Creatures Hunting Tactics For Mythical Creatures
    This confluence of Diablo Swing Orchestra - minus the female vocals - and Finntroll is the new soundtrack to your routine morning jig. You don't have one?! You're about to change your mind. I'll endeavor to do this album justice - imagine: a complete jazz brass-section forcing the "u" in bouncy; multi-vocalist arrangements influenced by a diverse range of genres; infectiously groovy instrumentation; a jack-of-all-styles vocalist; frivolous genre-dancing - what's not to like?
  11. Corrupt Vol. I
    by Geeorj
    Mutagen Mutagen
  12. Corrupt Vol. II
    by Geeorj
    Comadonec Comadonec
  13. Phoenix
    by Existem
    Above or Below Above or Below
    These guys have an impeccable sense of melody and groove, proficiently channeling this through sludge, prog, and djent. I searched, but I couldn't find a flaw.
  14. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth
    by Wilderun
    The Garden of Fire The Garden of Fire
  15. Equilibrant EP
    by The Fathomless Deep
    Equilibrant Equilibrant
  16. The Fathomless Deep
    by The Fathomless Deep
    Shadow of the Ancient Shadow of the Ancient
  17. Orchid
    by Orchid
    Venusian Death Venusian Death
    It's been a while since I've been exposed to this level of originality and passion from a band that draws its influences from the extreme prog legends of old, particularly the likes of Cynic and Opeth. This will sit well with anyone who partakes in the heavy and challenging manifestations of prog.
  18. Symptoms (2013)
    by TRUE
    Do you dream? Do you dream?
    As a rule-of-thumb I typically avoid anything remotely related to punk, but I was drawn in from the moment I heard that tambura doing its thing at the outset of the album. Don't be misled - for being an amalgamation of classic death and crust punk-laden grindcore the songwriting proves intricate and innovative. It's a rare occasion when I describe an album wading in these genres' waters as fresh, let alone inspiring. Featured on my promotional list:
  19. Thoughtscanning
    by WE ALL DIE (laughing)
    Thoughtscan Thoughtscan
    Simplistic, yet flawless. Quite a thoughtful and emotional record.
  20. Inmazes
    by VOLA
    The Same War The Same War
    Vola offers a unique and breathtaking blend of progressive-laden styles. Picture your feet dangling from the side of a sailboat, choppy waves of mathy Djent threaten to knock you astern. Seeking cover, you run beneath the deck of the boat only to find the waves have quelled. You emerge to find a gorgeous clear-cast sky of atmospheric industrial metal painting the sky like northern lights. Check out my full mini-review over here:
  21. Defenders of the Small Yard
    by Moron Police
    Welcome To The West Welcome To The West
  22. Twilight Cinema
    by Major Parkinson
    Black River Black River
  23. The Abysmal Horizons
    by Konkeror
    I, Monolithic I, Monolithic
    Proggy death thrash metal boasting intricate groove and melody alike. Think Vader on steroids.
  24. Instinct (EP)
    by Ayahuasca
    Instinct Instinct
    Moments upon submitting yourself to the music you are thrown headlong into an ominous ritual, beckoned forth by intense tribal drumming and a few well-placed distorted guitar riffs. The ceremony climaxes, trampling you with a wall of technical death and extreme prog alike – demonstrating that extremity can be groovy and intricate. Listen carefully - there's a palpable passion behind Ayahuasca. Check out my full mini-review over here:
    by Orwell
    In Crude I Remain In Crude I Remain
    Please. Write. MORE!
  26. The Last Note in God's Magnum Opus
    by Schizoid Lloyd
    Suicide Penguin Suicide Penguin
  27. Survival Of The Richest 2.0: Super Crazy HD Edition+
    by Karhu
    The Dream The Dream
    Ihsahn meets Opeth meets Sylosis? Aggressive. Intricate. Groovy. My only gripe is that the gritty clean vocals - which are quite pronounced - occasionally dominate the music and clash with the instrumentation. That being said, the clean vocalist is very talented. Strangely, the album features quite a bit of hard rock, especially in the last two tracks. I recommend starting with track #7. Featured on my promotional list:
  28. Hooligans
    by Lou Kelly
    Grunt and Grind Grunt and Grind
    You'd never guess from the manner that this guy disparages his music that he's brimming with talent. I've been following him since I discovered his other album: If you're into erratic music prone to unexpected twists and turns, this guy is for you. Featured on my promotional list:
  29. Self-ish
    by Will Wood and the Tapeworms
    Mr. Capgras Encounters a Secondhand Vanity: Tulpamancer's Prosopagnosia/Pareidolia (As Direct Result of Trauma to the Fusiform Gyrus) Mr. Capgras Encounters a Secondhand Vanity: Tulpamancer's Prosopagnosia/Pareidolia (As Direct Result of Trauma to the Fusiform Gyrus)
  30. ...!
    by ...?
    One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten
    Too original? Seriously though, this is incredible. It's been a while since I heard such playful experimental metal brimming with this much talent. Also, I have such respect for the vocalist's capabilities; his stylistic diversity is a match for Mike Patton's. Just throwing this out there: the band's heavier moments are reminiscent of !T.O.O.H.! Featured on my promotional list:
  31. Timelessness
    by SERDCE
    Newborn Newborn
  32. SHWTD + Subliminal Colors Double Album
    by Mendel
    Fall [cd2] Fall [cd2]
    While listening to this record, I wondered on several occasions whether my mp3 player had betrayed me and decided to shuffle every song it had instead. The sole musician manages to seamlessly pull-off an impressive array of styles including (groove) thrash, djent, prog rock/metal (both the modern and traditional counterparts), death, and heavy... Somehow, what I took away from the record was, remarkably, cohesive. Instrumental prog without excessive wank and real riffs? Count me in!
  33. A Tapestry of Scabs and Skin EP
    by Astrakhan
    Cupid's Fist Cupid's Fist
  34. A Rare Thunderstorm in Spring
    by Perihelion Ship
    Misplaced Rainfall Misplaced Rainfall
  35. In Touch
    by Their Dogs Were Astronauts
    Plenary Spheres Plenary Spheres
  36. Earthkeeper
    by Their Dogs Were Astronauts
    Origins Origins
  37. To Separate Us From The Clouds
    by Their Dogs Were Astronauts
    Vortex Vortex
  38. Chapajuby
    by Their Dogs Were Astronauts
    Chapajuby Chapajuby
  39. A Constant Stream Of Color
    by Their Dogs Were Astronauts
    Join The Unknown Join The Unknown
  40. Mystery:Diary
    by Their Dogs Were Astronauts
    Spirit Mates Spirit Mates
  41. Horizons EP
    by Tetrafusion
    Spider Silk Spider Silk