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  1. Determinator
    by Nadu
    by Rival Bones
    by F A L L S
  4. Droids
    by Alpha Male Tea Party
  5. The Sun Never Sets On The British Empire
    by Bovine
  6. One Hundred Percent Suave
    by Fat Goth
  7. Geography
    by Vasco Da Gama
  8. Real Ale and Model Rail: The Lonely Man's Guide to Not Committing Suicide
    by Alpha Male Tea Party
    Go To The Ant, You Sluggard Go To The Ant, You Sluggard
    I'm not going to lie, I listened to this EP because it's name made me laugh, since then i have pretty much had it on repeat. AMTP are fantastic, they have riffs coming out of nowhere and everywhere all at the same time. When they do decided that a song needs vocals, it's so subtle that you may not notice it at first, but when you do you realise the meaning behind the subtly. You can't just ignore the facts and hope that one day, you'll be proven right!
  9. I'm a Lazer, You're a Radar
    by God Damn
    I'm a Lazer, You're a Radar I'm a Lazer, You're a Radar
    I accidently stumble across God Damn while browsing YouTube. The track was Fought in the Mirror, I was instantly hooked. I've been following these guys since. Raw, full of energy and passionate!
  10. Ham
    by Stilts
  11. Whale Bone
    by Cleft