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  1. Samus & Chill
    by Tune in with Chewie
  2. Zelda & Chill 2
    by Mikel
  3. Celeste: Farewell (Original Soundtrack)
    by Lena Raine
  4. Undertale Remixed
    by Holder
  5. Hollow Knight Piano Collections
    by David Peacock, Augustine Mayuga Gonzales
  6. Time & Space
    by Braxton Burks
  7. Switched On: A Link to the Past (Extended Edition)
    by Switched On
  8. Poké & Chill
    by Mikel
  9. Celeste Piano Collections
    by Trevor Alan Gomes
  10. Mario & Chill
    by Helynt
    Luma Luma
    Great arrangements, and it hits the nostalgia hard. When your only complaint is wanting more, you know it's a good one.
  11. Hero of Time (Music from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time")
    by Eric Buchholz
    Castle Town Market Castle Town Market
    Just beautiful from start to finish, it takes you through the entire story like you're playing it for the first time.
  12. Johto Legends (Music from "Pokémon Gold and Silver")
    by Braxton Burks
    Epilogue ~ The Road to Tohjo Falls (Route 26) Epilogue ~ The Road to Tohjo Falls (Route 26)
    A phenomenal re-imagining of one of my childhood favourites. The brass and strings make me feel like I'm right there alongside my old Feraligatr and co.
  13. Piano Collections: Pokémon Blue
    by Trevor Alan Gomes
    S.S. Anne S.S. Anne
    Piano is a perfect match for Junichi Masuda's midi masterpieces. The performances in this album cover a full range of emotions and make it an instant classic.
  14. Children of Termina
    by Rozen
    Stone Tower Stone Tower
  15. Zelda & Chill
    by Mikel
    Kakariko Village Kakariko Village
    Absolutely glorious. The perfect blend of nostalgia and rhythm, I love it for entertaining.