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Lefora Williams

  1. Berlin, Germany
  2. Electronic
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  1. Future Cults (Era 6)
    by researcher
    Following Following
    Gänsehaut throughout!
  2. Future Cults (Era 3)
    by researcher
    You Will Never You Will Never
  3. Green Twins
    by Nick Hakim
    Bet She Looks Like You Bet She Looks Like You
    The groove of this record is otherworldly. Every song a powerful standalone piece while at the same time seamlessly blending with the other tracks. Grateful Nick put in the hours to get to share this beautiful work of art with us.
  4. Hewn
    by Groeni
    Fold Fold
    Raw and charged with emotion! All songs flow into one magnificent piece of Art! Kind of addicting...
  5. Future Cults (Era 5)
    by researcher
    UFO Religion UFO Religion
    Reaches straight into my subconscious... very hypnotizing!
  6. Hinde
    by Groeni
    Hinde Hinde
    Out of this world! So ethereal and beautiful!
  7. Hue EP
    by The Gradients Project
    Red Red
    appears in 1 other collection
  8. Two Dones (x Nearly Oratorio)
    by Andrei Eremin
    Very grounding vibe... beautiful.
  9. Gist Is
    by Adult Jazz
    Spook Spook
    Every single song is an absolute gem! They put me in a very special place.