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  1. The Fragile
    by O'Hooley & Tidow
    Gentleman Jack Gentleman Jack
    Obvious choice for favourite track, but has to be for an adopted Yorkshireman
  2. FIBS
    by Anna Meredith
    Killjoy Killjoy
    So much variety in one album, it's remarkable that it can all be catchy and accessible
  3. Spook The Herd
    by Lanterns On The Lake
    When It All Comes True When It All Comes True
    Somewhere between Post-Rock and soulful Indie soundscape
  4. Branches
    by Square Peg Round Hole
    Midnight Midnight
    Not often you can say "more of the same" about an artist and mean it as a truly grateful statement that they've simply continued to deliver against high expectations
  5. Driftglass
    by SEED Ensemble
    The Dream Keeper The Dream Keeper
    I tend to think of Jazz/Ambient/Electronica as more tenously anchored in the world, but Driftglass were one of several engaged & active artists in the 2019 Mercury nominees: their passion and criticism for the behaviour of the government clearly fuelling their creativity
  6. Nothing Great About Britain
    by slowthai
    Nothing Great About Britain Nothing Great About Britain
    Justifiably vitriolic in a broken country
  7. A Part Of Me
    by 1954
    To Die For To Die For
    Something to lose yourself in when the world gets too much
  8. I'm Your Empress Of
    by Empress Of
    Love Is A Drug Love Is A Drug
    Manages to be less kooky and less immediately addictive than "Us", whilst not hanging together as well as an album, but still think it's a real grower.
  9. Cinderland
    by High Plains
    Hypoxia Hypoxia
    Sat on my wishlist for some time amidst the feeling I may already have enough brooding, multi-instrumental percussion-heavy soundscapes, but having given it another listen after a long break, it tipped the balance into a must-have.
  10. Dogrel
    by Fontaines D.C.
    Big Big
    Don't normally consider myself a fan of punk, but 2019's heavy political slant in the Mercury nominees resonated strongly, and the inclusion of Fontaines D.C. on the Peaky Blinders soundtrack endears them further.
  11. Different Water
    by Tennyson
    Face The Night Face The Night
    Joyous & eclectic, this sat on my wishlist for a year before the claustrophobia of the Covid19 lockdown made Tennyson's inventive sounds a perfect antidote to the prevailing mood.
  12. Dark Matter
    by Moses Boyd
    Stranger Than Fiction Stranger Than Fiction
    Starts pleasantly dark and brooding before getting more funky and upbeat
  13. Music From Dada Masilo's Giselle
    by Philip Miller
    Arpeggio Arpeggio
    I was only vaguely familiar with the Giselle story before seeing the ballet, but it was stunning, and Dada spoke of the symbiotic relationship between choreographer & composer in preparing the piece. Listening to the album again is a great way to revisit the power of the ballet.
  14. Reward
    by Cate Le Bon
    Sad Nudes Sad Nudes
    Quirky, complicated & multi-layered whilst being accessible and engaging
  15. Hunter
    by Anna Calvi
    As a Man As a Man
    Husky bordering on melancholic, it was great to see half of the 2019 Mercury nominees on Bandcamp, and it's a pleasure both to see the nominees so stridently aware - politically and/or socially - and, on a personal level, to support more strong female artists.
  16. Us
    by Empress Of
    Just the Same Just the Same
    Funky, powerful & empowering.
  17. Every Bad
    by Porridge Radio
    Lilac Lilac
    Bit too variable and incoherent to be a real love, but at the same time, feels like it could be a grower
  18. By the Light of the Dark Moon
    by Ayla Nereo
    Stars Stars
    More wistful, soulful vocals with a contemporary folk slant
  19. Bad Dancing
    by Bellatrix
    Wish I Could Wish I Could
    Thumping, synthy dance that is irresistably engaging
  20. Sundanza
    by Sampha
    Shades Shades
    Clearly under-produced compared to the Mercury winner Process, but the juxtaposition of concrete sounds and heartfelt vocals is there, and the opportunity to indirectly support @YouthCancerYCT is a pleasant side benefit.