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  1. Breath of Fire
    by Andrew Durkin
    Breath of Fire Breath of Fire
    Good variety of mathy jazz and accessible enticing hooks
  2. Gwen Stefani - WYWF (OVERWERK Remix)
    Very happy to see some alternative elements back in Overwerk's latest production after some pure floor fillers. All have their place, but this just feels so much more catchy
  3. Play Me a Time
    by Ayla Nereo
    Old River Old River
    Ayla's vocals don't seem as dramatically evocative without the beats of Wildlight underneath them, but the playful spirit is smoothly layered over some near-traditional folky vibes
  4. The End Of Coherence
    by Magdalena
    Blue Dress Blue Dress
    The standout track from the Surrounding label's "South American Women in Electronic Music", it's good to see the breadth of style and talent Magdalena can produce
  5. Epoch
    by Tycho
    Rings Rings
    Epic travel soundscapes
  6. The Midnight Sun
    by C Duncan
    Jupiter Jupiter
    The relaxed innovation of Architecture seems to have been replaced by an edgier desire to push the boundaries, but the album is nonetheless compelling.
  7. Ladyhawke - Wild Things
    by Polyvinyl Records
    The River The River
    Always felt like Ladyhawke gets a little pigeonholed as a pop act, with the catchy synth hooks providing a veneer of superficiality over a heartfelt story across the album.
  8. The Wilderness
    by Explosions in the Sky
    Disintegration Anxiety Disintegration Anxiety
    Massive soundscapes smoothly ranging from dystopian distortion to soothing strings and pulsating percussion.
  9. The Code of the Flowers
    by Ayla Nereo
    Look at the River Look at the River
    Slightly more whimsical and ethereal than Wildlight, without the synthy beats to ground Ayla's vocals, but the evocative spirit is as clear.
  10. Raspberry EP
    by Suffer Like G Did
    Let's Just See What Happens Let's Just See What Happens
    I wouldn't rapidly distinguish between Math Rock and contemporary Jazz, but the feeling of Suffer Like G Did transcend labels: just listen and enjoy.
  11. Channel The Spirits
    by The Comet Is Coming
    The Prophecy The Prophecy
    Mercury nominee, so an instant purchase. If only more of the nominees were on Bandcamp...
  12. Kidsticks
    by Beth Orton
    Flesh and Blood Flesh and Blood
    Along with Eliza Carthy, I've long considered Beth Orton to be one of the foremost talents in moderrn English folk, and in Kidsticks she combines touches of electronica with her usual undercurrent of country.
  13. Anatomy
    by Jennah Bell
    The End The End
    Somewhere on the continuum between folk and soul, I find it hard to describe the pleasant lightness of touch without trivialising the feeling behind the melody
  14. noir
    by luxury elite
    raindrops raindrops
    Broad range of light and shade in some atmospheric electronica
  15. Surrounding: South-American Women In Electronic Music
    by Various Artists
    Magdalena - Blue Dress Magdalena - Blue Dress
    Bit too eclectic to hang together well as an album, but a good jumping off point to get me looking at new artists
  16. Inhale
    by iET
    As She Moved As She Moved
    Having heard 'As She Moved' on the Bandcamp Weekly, I've not been as taken by the rest of iET's wistful vocals, finding them a bit plaintive, but the stronger rhythms of As She Moved bring me back.
  17. Floa
    by Mammal Hands
    Kudu Kudu
    Rich, evocative melodies and rhythms.
  18. Future Disc
    by Sasac
    The Doomed Man The Doomed Man
    Solid funky electronica
  19. Like What EP
    by Tennyson
    Beautiful World Beautiful World
    Modern concrete music veering between catchy riffs and diverse samples, reminding me strongly of Gotye.
  20. Jim Moray
    by Jim Moray
    Fair + Tender Lovers Fair + Tender Lovers
    Love the way Jim manages to add innovative contemporary twists to his folk roots without it feeling contrived. Even if my favourite tracks are still the purer folk narratives!
  21. Animalia
    by Mammal Hands
    Spinning The Wheel Spinning The Wheel
    Never feel like I've had sufficient musical education to really understand jazz, but there are plenty of albums that I can enjoy without such an education, and this is undoubtedly one of them.
  22. Piano
    by Alexis Taylor
    I'm Ready I'm Ready
    Pleasure to hear Alexis' voice over some gentle piano rather than the big sounds of Hot Chip.
  23. Fanfares
    by GoGo Penguin
    Last Words Last Words
    Brought to my attention by the Mercury Music Prize nomination of v2.0, I find Fanfares has higher points of visceral engagement with the piano even while it doesn't hang together as smoothly when viewed as a complete work.
  24. Let's Go
    by Macajey
    Silent Morning Featuring Elle Leatham Silent Morning Featuring Elle Leatham
    West Coast, slightly funked-up chillout vibes, with the occasional layering of rich vocals.
  25. Images
    by You'll Never Get To Heaven
    Shadow Garden Shadow Garden
    More wistful ambient electronica. Not quite as evocative as Adorn in my opinion
  26. Architect
    by C Duncan
    As Sleeping Stones As Sleeping Stones
    Meticulously constructed album vaguely reminiscent of James Blake. Well worthy of the Mercury nomination.
  27. Calling Me (EP)
    by AQUILO
    Following on sweetly from the Human EP, this release features more beautifully composed tales of longing and devotion. Shame the eponymous debut EP isn't available on bandcamp.
  28. Do You Feel OK?
    by Superhumanoids
    Death Rattle Death Rattle
    Bigger beats, more piercing vocals than first release, but still pleasingly alternative.
  29. The Tide
    by Wildlight
    From The Ground Up From The Ground Up
    After only one release (Hers Was As Thunder), I couldn't imagine not buying anything Wildlight produce, and this full-length album only confirms that, with more poised vocals over slightly dirty synth and variable-weight beats (dance-y "Get Up Out Your Way", poppy "Move Like The Ocean")
  30. AQUILO - Human (EP)
    by AQUILO
    Great to see a UK based group making some haunting, emotive tunes with depth. EP hangs together really well as a story.
  31. Sugaring Season
    by Beth Orton
    State of Grace State of Grace
    Long-time Beth Orton fan, so really pleased to see her on Bandcamp. Sugaring Season feels like a solid grounding in wistful folk with her typical angelic vocals.
  32. Music For Touching
    by Cookies
    Katharine Katharine
    Joyous, exuberant electric pop, with some fantastic track names
  33. Lighthouse
    by iamthemorning
    Lighthouse (feat. Mariusz Duda) Lighthouse (feat. Mariusz Duda)
    Consistent narrative behind this third album meant I didn't feel the same evocative pull, but it slowly grew on me.
  34. Abysma
    by Geotic
    Nav Nav
    Love the first three tracks, but find the vocals on the middle couple a little whiny. Without that, the cover would be a great representation of the album's sun-soaked chillout vibes.
  35. Marian Hill - Lips / Got It (Single)
    by Marian Hill
    More bassy, visceral pop with crisp vocals overlaying it.
  36. Belighted
    by iamthemorning
    To Human Misery To Human Misery
    Darker than ~ and with a little more conventional guitar, but still bewitchingly beautiful
  37. one
    by poloniumcubes
    20140526 20140526
    Discovered whilst waiting for iamthemorning's second release, and very pleased to get more eclectic, deep piano music in my collection.
    by ANOHNI
    4 Degrees 4 Degrees
    Was pretty excited to hear the creative mind behind Antony and the Johnsons was releasing a new album, but after four or five listens, the strong opening is let down by the rest of the album, sadly a strong explanation why Anohni has ignored the Bandcamp recommendations regarding full album preview
  39. Adorn
    by You'll Never Get To Heaven
    Caught in Time, So Far Away Caught in Time, So Far Away
    Soulful and slightly trippy.
  40. Parasite Paradise
    by Superhumanoids
    An Island An Island
  41. FLOW
    by Peter Gregson
    Storm Storm
    With only a little dance training, I find myself drawn to music for contemporary dance, but very easy to be lost in the wonder of composition, and this is just what Flow does to me with a juxtaposition of melody and thumping rhythm.
  42. Hers Was As Thunder
    by Wildlight
    Rise Rise
    Twirl me is a catchy, enjoyable story of folly, but Rise hits the spot with some visceral synth.
  43. Verses Series
    by Hairy Hands
    Hairy Hands V Josephine Lloyd - Arms Hairy Hands V Josephine Lloyd - Arms
    Soulful vocals, quirky sampling and catchy falsetto make Arms my standout track, but the whole album has an eclectic, scratched-up feeling of trawling record collections, reminescent of Liam Howlett's Dirtchamber Sessions, but lighter in tone.
  44. embers
    by Joe Tilston
    Liza & Henry Liza & Henry
    Folk pedigree personified, with tracks that vary from beautiful alto to enthusiastic interpretations of traditional tales.
  45. Klavierwerke EP
    by James Blake
    Don't You Think That I Do Don't You Think That I Do
    Great to find James Blake on Bandcamp, even if it's only the very early stuff, the evolution of style and technique is clear.