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  1. Make Your Mind
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
  2. Undead EP
    by d.notive
  3. Side-Quests Vol. 2
    by GaMetal
  4. Take Away - Single
    by Odyssey
  5. Still The Same - Single
    by Odyssey
  6. eXceed 3rd - Jade Penetrate - Original Soundtrack
    by Tennen-sozai
  7. Beyond My Heart (Hyper Genesis Remix)
    by Billy Mette
  8. Nothing Is Working Out
    by Mortimer
  9. Shooting Star
    by Mospeada & Magellan
  10. Hyperdrive
    by Voyager
  11. Black Hole
    by Mospeada & Magellan
  12. Alien Invasion
    by Mospeada & Magellan
  13. Feel the Music
    by Jupiter & Sapphire Skye
  14. GReurosound Vol. 2
    by Roberto Gabrielli
  15. Eleven (Single)
    by Mike Trace
  16. Run Away (Single)
    by David Mansfield
  17. Seraphim ft. Jessa
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
  18. Eurobeat Kudos 26
    by The Snake. Go2, Van T.K., Lou Master, Lucya, Christine, Stella, Pamsy, Fastway, Ace&Lisa
  19. Eurobeat Go2 vol.2 (including Magic Eleven 5.1)
    by Go2
  20. Luna 2018 ft. Odyssey
    by Eurobeat Brony
  21. GReurosound Vol. 1
    by Roberto Gabrielli
    Bye3 - Elena Ferretti Bye3 - Elena Ferretti
    Long live eurobeat! Roberto Gabrielli is a great composer. Please encourage his work!
  22. Eurobeat Kudos 24
    by Ace, Fastway, Hotblade, Lou Master, Bamboo Bimbo, Bliss, Go2, Christine, The Snake, Seastar, etc..
    Love Countdown (Extended Version) Love Countdown (Extended Version)
  23. Dreamland Invasion
    by GaMetal
    Revenge of Meta Knight Medley (Kirby Super Star) Revenge of Meta Knight Medley (Kirby Super Star)
    My favorite is actually the acoustic bonus lol. But otherwise, except Money Man, this is a very good album.
  24. Techno Kudos 2
    by Dark Evil, Tanith, Dalindah, Go2 & Christine, Sstack, Beez, Cypher
    Tekno Rise Tekno Rise
    The first compilation was amazing and so is this one. SCP's techno is the best!
    by DTXFiles.nmk/nmk/Makoto Sahara
    Keep My Way Keep My Way
  26. Eurobeat Go2 vol.1
    by Go2
    Super Striker Super Striker

    This line is literally burned into my mind. "Super Striker" is by far the best Go 2 track with "Power" and (to be released) "Superstar".

    That said, that compilation is AMAZING. All tracks are amazing. The only downside, I would say, is that NRG is the SEB Edit that appeared on SEB Vol. 181. Except that, you have a nice collection of Extended Tracks; some were never released in glorious lossless!
  27. Techno Kudos
    She's So Sexy She's So Sexy
    Up until today,8/3/2018, SCP's Hyper Techno was confined to some Japanese CD series called "We Love TechPara" which are all megamixes. So,I'm really grateful that SCP has been able to make this compilation. I chose "She's So Sexy" for my favorite track coz this is literally THE track that made me fall in love with SCP's techno. Really, this compilation is all around amazing and just chose this one coz of nostalgia. The lyrics PDF is a nice touch! Thx SCP!
  28. Like I'm Yours
    by Jessa
  29. Eurobeat Instrumental
    by Hotblade, Fastway, Ace & Pamsy, GO2, An-G, Bliss, Irene
    Coolover - Instrumental Vers. Coolover - Instrumental Vers.
  30. Stay (Single)
    by Juno Cleo Zero
  31. Eye to Eye
    by Odyssey
  32. Magic (Single)
    by Mike Trace
  33. Through the altered States of Mind compiled by EB10 and Bear
    by compiled by EB10 and Bear
  34. Nothing Can Stop Me - Single
    by T.J. Thornberry
    Nothing Can Stop Me (Full Vox) Nothing Can Stop Me (Full Vox)
  35. Spotlight (Single)
    by Francisco
    Spotlight (Extended Mix) Spotlight (Extended Mix)
    So good!!! This is going right into my year-end Eurobeat Mix!!
  36. Whose Eyes? (Single)
    by Daneka Gold
    Whose Eyes? (Extended Mix) Whose Eyes? (Extended Mix)
  37. Luna's Future (Euro Cast Mix) ft. Odyssey
    by Eurobeat Brony
  38. Lost in a Dream (Single)
    by David Mansfield
  39. Enguarde
    by Ditto's Blood
    Enguarde Enguarde
  40. Branches (Full Mix)
    by Antrophelia
    by suganomusic
  42. Idris - I Believe
    by Idris
    Idris - I Believe Idris - I Believe
  43. Idris & Zyrion - Serendipity
    by Idris & Zyrion
    This is just so good. The intro, the synth riff, the singing... everything's just so perfect!
  44. BAMBOO BIMBO - Higher My Passion
    by SCP Music
  45. EuroKudos vol.6
    by Hotblade, Fastway, Ace, GO2, Pamsy, Kiki 6 Fancy, Lou Master
    Higher My Passion Higher My Passion
    Eurobeat is love, eurobeat is life. And SCP is at the center of it.