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  1. Visions of the Country
    by Robbie Basho
  2. Вечное
    by Рожь
  3. Har
    by Dordeduh
  4. When Meadow met Hazel
    by Gyre V
  5. Drown
  6. Doble LP Discografía
    by Los Crudos
  7. A Musical Benefit for the Yanomami
    by Woven Branches
  8. Invocation
    by Vines
  9. Woodland
    by Borg
  10. This Divine Shelter
    by ulk
  11. Vedurnan
    by Fogweaver
  12. Solastalgia
    by Cedar Dreamer
  13. Waning Hymns
    by Geist & the Sacred Ensemble
    This record speaks to me as a sort of journey into the primordial truths that one experiences through psychedelics, meditation or other methods of finding transcendent awareness. It is a recognition of the mental sicknesses that we are afflicted with as civilized beings—a call to deconstruct ourselves. The instrumentation here is layered like detritus in an old forest, rich, damp and feeding the roots of something ancient. Waning Hymns is stunning and a radiant highlight of 2020.
  14. Reduced to Ashes EP
    by Peregrine
  15. The Agrarian Curse
    by Peregrine
  16. Textures of Transience
    by Solmedithyr
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  17. Offering to the Morning Fog
    by Robert Rich
  18. Stare Into Death And Be Still
    by Ulcerate
  19. how dark is it where you are?
    by faedr
  20. A Life Unto Itself
    by Steve Von Till