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  1. Punk
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  1. Roche
    by Mayerling
  2. A Skeleton
    by Ben Shemie
  3. Kar Yağar
    by Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek
  4. MOOP
    by MOOP
  5. Here Comes The Whip EP
    by The Horrorist
  6. On
    by Altin Gün
  7. A Trois Sur La Plage
    by A Trois Sur La Plage
  8. Between
    by Public Interest
  9. Rave on the moon
    by Gauthier
  10. OUF, l'anthologie souterraine, 2015-2017
    by La Souterraine
  11. Wounded Princes
    by La Secte du Futur
  12. SPLIT with Grim van Doom
    by Cult Of Occult
  13. I
    by Extreme Precautions
  14. The Rapist
    by Scorpion Violente
  15. Heroic
    by 69
  16. LP
    by Mary Bell
  17. Distant Drone
    by Bajram Bili
  18. The Lo-Fi Studies
    by DR GEO
  19. Casioworks
    by Gust De Meyer
  20. Fou De Bossa EP
    by EYE
  21. Plage Noire, Plage Blanche
    by Balladur
  22. Sweet Tooth EP
    by Egyptian Eyeliner
  23. CHPTL-004: Cheptel Premier
    by Various Artists
  24. Ramdam#2
    by Casbah Records
  25. Your Face In Dolby EP
    by EYE
  26. Fléau
    by Fléau
  27. Modern Idol
    by Johnny Boy
    appears in 1 other collection
  28. Sourire EP
    by Micro Cheval
    by Simple Music Experience
  30. L'océan rêve dans sa loisiveté - First session
    by maninkari
  31. Mort Pour La Trace
  32. Resurrection Machine
    by Chevalier Avant Garde
  33. Lonely Walk - V.I.H.S.
    by Satanic Royalty
  34. Strasbourg - Strasbourg/Total
    by Satanic Royalty
  35. Take The Potion
    by ROMERO
  36. Take The Potion
    by ROMERO
  37. Solitaire 7" + 1
    by ROMERO
  38. Nuit de Noce
    by Essaie Pas
  39. Balladur
    by Balladur
  40. Who Cares
    by Jessica93
  41. The Rapist
    by Scorpion Violente
  42. Couch Lock Single
    by ROMERO
  43. Faraway Land
    by JC Satàn
  44. It's Getting Worse
    by Le Prince Harry
  45. Only Seven Inches For Your Girlfriend ?
    by Jack Of Heart