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  1. Impronta
    by Impronta
  2. Comedia Yoica
    Because is from fucking Habitar la Mar. No more words needed
  3. Ephemeral
    by OTUS
  4. Salt, Flesh, Smoke And The Last Mystical Beings
    by Delobos
  5. Smoke
    by Delobos
  6. Smoke
    by Delobos
  7. Today´s Ashes
    by Mano de Piedra
  8. Apuntador
    by Apuntador
    by thebravesrecords
  10. A Pesar De Todo
    by Ávida Dollars
  11. Tronos Ardiendo
    by Neila
  12. Visions
    by We Are Impala
  13. Tenpel @ Astral Fest 2017
    by Tenpel
    LOS BRAVOS CLUB exclusive
  14. Wild, Free & Violent
    by W.A.B.
  15. AL, Spain
    35 releases 1 update 3 supporters
  16. La Deriva
    by Habitar La Mar
  17. [ algo sin nombre *]
    by De la Cuna a la Tumba
  18. Magia Infinita
    by The Zeta
  19. Centraal
    by Encono
  20. Chronos
    by thebravesrecords
  21. Cardinal
    by Le Temps Du Loup
  22. De la Cuna a la Tumba
    by De la Cuna a la Tumba
  23. Al Meu Pas S'alça La Mort
    by Ósserp
  24. The Inception
    by Oddhums
  25. La Peor Versión De Nosotros Mismos
    by Caboverde
  26. The Fracture
    by Thermic Boogie
  27. Atlas
    by Catorce
  28. Let The Long Night Fade
    by Row of Ashes
  29. Ladrido de Corzo
    by Sekba
  30. Sangran, no son dioses
    by Nazca
  31. L´appel du vide
    by Trees Will Tell
  32. United States of Emergency
    by Minor Empires
  33. Yo soy el mar
    by Sudestada
  34. Moon Moan
    by Delobos
  35. Analogy: The Sun | Divided Line
    by Buensuceso
  36. Avesta
    by Aathma
  37. Supêrvivęnciæ
    by Diana Lagarto
  38. Culto a Mí
    by Tenpel
  39. Agua. Naufragio. Equilibrio.
    by Catorce
  40. Los Bravos Iglesia - VY
    by The Braves Records VV.AA
  41. Realismo Histérico
  42. Agua. Naufragio. Equilibrio.
    by Catorce
  43. De la Cuna a la Tumba
    by De la Cuna a la Tumba