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  1. Celeste B-Sides
    by Various Artists
    Celestial Resort (Good Karma Mix) Celestial Resort (Good Karma Mix)
    The B-Side of Celestial Hotel was tough, but I'm still not sure the first room of C-Side is even possible. The music is so good, even after I grow tired of dying, I want to leave the game open with the stage music playing in the background.
  2. The Collaborative Endeavors
    by Mr. Bill
    Mr. Bill & Haywyre - Dress Codes Mr. Bill & Haywyre - Dress Codes
    Haywyre and Mr. Bill team up to make one incredible tune. Reminds me of something I'd hear in Persona 5. Very smooth, high replay value.
  3. Heartstrings (Mr. Bill Remix)
    by Vulpey feat. Laura Brehm
  4. The Break of Dawn (Remastered)
    by Blue In Green
    Voyage (Remastered) Voyage (Remastered)
    Seriously, it's stereo at its best.
  5. Four Walls and an Amplifier
    by Brock Berrigan
    Clockwork Clockwork
    I like Clockwork because it's a super chill song. When I think of easy listening, I think of music that you don't need to be in a particular mood to enjoy. Brock's music has a centering effect.
  6. Don't Wait (Single)
    by Laura Brehm
    I've listened to this while driving home late from work. I spend a lot of time in my head, thinking about many things. Hearing this helps me work through whatever mental roadblocks are keeping me from finding peace.
  7. Way of Life
    by Brock Berrigan
    Champagne Funk Champagne Funk
    Gotta support a fellow New Jerseyan! Brock Berrigan's work is always on point, and this album is a superb combination of uplifting and centering music that helps you get through the monotony.
  8. Extra Fresh
    by Birocratic
    I woke up to a notification that Birocratic had released a new song. I had a listen at 6:00 in the morning, and loved it. Another great beet from Biro!
  9. Replaced
    by Birocratic
    Slipout Slipout
  10. beets 4
    by Birocratic
    sophisticated gentleman sophisticated gentleman
    This is the type of music I listen to when getting monotonous or mundane work done. It has that feeling of: "Well, this situation might not be ideal, but you are a man, so you will put up with it and get through it!"
  11. Diamond in the Rough
    by Brock Berrigan
    Sand Island Sand Island
  12. beets 3
    by Birocratic
    sombre, green sombre, green
    Sombre, Green is great to listen to when I'm thinking of new creative projects to work on. It has this subtle whimsical tone to it.
  13. Celeste Original Soundtrack
    by Lena Raine
    Reach for the Summit Reach for the Summit
    Chapter 7 is exhilarating. After the slog that was Chapter 6's boss fight, you feel more determined than ever to reach the summit. I love the callback to the original Celeste when it shows the elevation for each area you enter.
  14. Zesty Surprise
    by Birocratic
  15. beets 2
    by Birocratic
    frontusis frontusis
    Frontusis reminds me of how relaxing the summer can be. It's great!
  16. leftovers
    by Birocratic
    Man cheeney Man cheeney
    Man Cheeney gives me a Hoboken vibe. Especially when it's a hot night out. Walking around the city as an undergrad with my college friends... Ah, those days.
  17. leftovers 2
    by Birocratic
    glowtalk glowtalk
    For some reason, Glowtalk reminds me of tough negotiations between the leaders of two superpowers. There's this sense of history being made, and peace being forged. The weight of millions of citizens depends on the highest ranking officials of those two nations conducting an orderly meeting and reaching a fair compromise.
  18. BiroMakesABeet
    by Birocratic
    when you're able when you're able
    I listened to this a lot during my summer internship at KPMG.
  19. Look Both Ways
    by Flamingosis & Birocratic
  20. Burner
    by Birocratic
  21. Passing By
    by Flamingosis & Birocratic
  22. beets
    by Birocratic
    wants to wants to
  23. Try Much Harder (Birocratic Remix)
    by Glassio
    This song reminds me of a quote from Ryan Holiday:

    "Tired? Fuck you, go faster. You were going to stop? A few more steps."
  24. bumps
    by Birocratic
    [osaka] [osaka]
  25. Chapter 10
    by Brock Berrigan
  26. Two AM
    by Brock Berrigan
    The Art of Small Talk The Art of Small Talk
    There’s only one Brock.