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  1. Sumerlands
    by Sumerlands
    The Guardian The Guardian
    There is so much heaviness and great songwriting packed into this half hour that you get the sense the band is trying to put only its best foot forward. Sumerlands is extremely tight and well-produced, features excellent songwriting, and calls to mind some of the best heavy metal of all time.
  2. Evil Aggressor
    by Lethal Shock
    Evil Aggressor Evil Aggressor
    Pure, undistilled, mid-80s metal, with excitingly insane lyrics and face-kicking energy.
  3. Benthic Realm
    by Benthic Realm
    Awakening Awakening
    This is the soundtrack of a tour of the abyssal plains. Crushingly gorgeous doom, without artifice or adulteration.
  4. DressAge
    by Running Death
    Courageous Minds Courageous Minds
    An instant classic of thrash, with exciting riffs and addictive energy.
  5. Landless
    by Eight Bells
    Hating Hating
    Landless captivates and compels in equal measure, with ghostly vocals and clever arrangements that spell beautiful doom. Inexorable and sublime, the album paints a bleak and provocative picture that will hypnotize you.
  6. Dead Revolution
    by Hammers Of Misfortune
    Dead Revolution Dead Revolution
    It's rare to find fantastic metal that also doubles as coherent social commentary, but Dead Revolution nails it. This is the work of a band that has something important to say.
  7. Plastic Grass
    by Ms. Steak
    She Decided to Go She Decided to Go
  8. 203040
    by Feller Buncher
    Le Chiffre Le Chiffre
    Aggressive in just the right way and with a subtle playfulness, 203040 is the rare hard rock album that isn't afraid to showcase the joy in its making.
  9. What Graceless Dawn
    Day Day
    Listening to What Graceless Dawn is like flying through a thick fog and occasionally catching glimpses of an alien landscape, abandoned settlements, and otherworldly flora. Truly unique and excellent!
  10. Hunted
    by Khemmis
    Above The Water Above The Water
    Hunted draws out tremendously heavy crescendoes with so much patience and style you'll immediately want to swing a sword at a mountain.
  11. Dark Construktor (EP)
    by Wreck Plus
    Dark Construktor Dark Construktor
    This love letter to classic heavy metal is so much fun! Keep rocking, you guys!
  12. Rock n Roll Holocaust
    by The Archaic Revival
    Black Hole City Black Hole City
    Truly filthy, lascivious, and fun, Rock n Roll Holocaust is full of groovy riffs and headbang-inducing heaviness. Get down and dirty with The Archaic Revival. You won't regret it.
  13. From Party To Apocalypse
    by Churchhouse Creepers
    Party Party
    This is the soundtrack for your next house party, practically guaranteed to get people in the mood for fun. These tunes are anthemic, and in little more than a half hour Churchhouse Creepers will have your head banging, your body sweating, and your voice tired of singing along.
  14. Nevesis
    by NEVESIS
    Before You Go Blind Before You Go Blind
  15. Ultra Ego
    by Feed Me Jack
    Move Your Still Move Your Still