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  1. Fw: NΣΣT
    by NΣΣT
    Jukai Jukai
    A collection of demos and outtakes from his 6 years of making music, "Fw: NΣΣT" shows the variety of styles and genres that captures NΣΣT's growing stance as a producer and musician. From remixes of R&B and hip-hop musicians to producing more electronic-future vibes, you get a lot from this collection that reminds you when you discovered NΣΣT.
  2. Dream Keys
    by NΣΣT
  3. Galaxy Cat
    by NΣΣT
  4. Infinity (Deluxe)
    by NΣΣT
    subscriber exclusive
  5. Wake EP
    by NΣΣT
    Patience Patience
  6. Tonight
    by OMN
  7. Tsuzuku EP
    by NΣΣT
    Amaterasu Amaterasu
  8. March Collection
    by NΣΣT
    Omou Omou
  9. Satsuki EP
    by NΣΣT
  10. Kodokushi
    by NΣΣT
  11. Aestivalis | Side A
    by NΣΣT
  12. Kindred Spirit EP
    by NΣΣT
  13. 143
    by NΣΣT
    Castaway Castaway
  14. Bubble Bath
    by Songs To Wear Pants To
  15. Leap Year Gal
    by Shanic
    Leap Year Gal Leap Year Gal
  16. Nameless: the Hackers RPG Soundtrack
    by BoxCat Games
    Love Of My Life Love Of My Life
  17. Meme Machine
    by Filthy Frank & Friends
  18. Remixes II
    by Andrew Huang
  19. Remixes
    by Andrew Huang
  20. Night Time Love
    by Kobishi
  21. Traverse
    by Shanic
  22. Leap Year Gal Remix EP
    by Shanic, Boxplot, Akiro, Capturlight, Elevation, Megaflare, Little Flying Monsters
    Shanic x NΣΣT - Astro Girl (Leap Year Gal) Shanic x NΣΣT - Astro Girl (Leap Year Gal)
  23. Kawaii Club Mixtape
    by NΣΣT
    Babylonian Babylonian
  24. Re: NΣΣT
    by NΣΣT
    Voyager x NΣΣT - After Night Voyager x NΣΣT - After Night
  25. Elsewhere
    by NΣΣT
    Artemis feat. Sachie Artemis feat. Sachie
    Comparing this album to his two main albums, "Hanabi" and "Infinity", NΣΣT expresses himself through multiple means, with his familiar electronic sounds to an introduction of guitars and basses, finally ending his exploration with the most simple instruments given: vocals, piano, and some snaps.

    When it comes to exploration of music, NΣΣT did a wonderful job, stepping out of his comfort zone to realize that he is still not limited, and can still grow.
  26. A Kinda NΣΣT Christmas
    by NΣΣT
    Polar Express Polar Express
  27. Ronald's Dream
    by Filthy Frank & Friends
  28. Modal Shanghai
    by pLasterbrain
  29. EP
    by Mystery Skulls
    Money Money
  30. Summer (B-Sides)
    by Your Heart
    In The Sun (Music Video Version) In The Sun (Music Video Version)
  31. Hanabi
    by NΣΣT
    Hanabi Hanabi