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  1. Cryin' through the Bottle (extended)
    by Nicholas Ridout
  2. Never Go Home
    by Intuitive Compass
  3. Journey In Today
    by Jason Dea West
  4. Coward Cocoon
    by Quaranteam
  5. No Sanctuary
    by Concilium
  6. Daddy
    by GRLwood
  7. Paul Baribeau
    by Paul Baribeau
  8. Grand Ledge
    by Paul Baribeau
  9. A Heart Of Gold Is Hard To Find
    by Benjamin Tod
  10. Pretty Magic Spell (full album)
    by Sierra Ferrell
  11. Rosemary
    by Sierra Ferrell
  12. The Builders and the Butchers
    by The Builders and the Butchers
  13. Manimals
    by Amigo The Devil
  14. Diggers
    by Amigo The Devil
  15. Decompositions
    by Amigo The Devil
  16. Bloodletter
    by Paleo
  17. Skull
    by GULL
  18. Limbs Appear
    by Holy Locust
  19. When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired
    by Mothers
  20. Rage and Tragedy
    by Lost Dog Street Band