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Jeff Richardson

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  1. "Lucide" Split with Cepheide
    by Time Lurker / Cepheide
  2. Autonomy of Disrepair
  3. The Everlorn
    by Sinira
  4. Embraced
    by Surachai
    To No Avail, and, Embraced are the two departures less taken. Surachai took another turn with his future works.

  5. Sorrow Befell
    by Ringarë
  6. آپرانیک / Apranik
    by اکوان (Akvan)
    Music is magnified when imagery and messaging serve as companions: "... the foreign lie currently plaguing the land of Aryans.", is a powerful sentiment; filling me with hope. A great track, this. And did you notice what seems to be a man atop the arch ruins? There's really something to this.
  7. Self Titled
    by Upon A Fields Whisper
    Original metal black score; the sounds from 19’ seem from another world now; on top of it all, our beloved Catalina’s are ablaze. Nothing will ever be the same again. The ‘Signal’ is out, and damn near everywhere now. Nowhere to go; freedom on the run in the twenty twenties (A little play on the Neil Young song). Anyway: thoughts regarding this unique record. 06/13/20
  8. Upon Gallows Frail
    by Winterfylleth
    Bought a few, but this one stood out. It’s good, but no real new departures here. Remember when Sick Boy (Trainspotting) was discussing the career of Sean Connery with Renton?

    I would hope that ‘opinion’, is not so maligned within the extreme metal world as it is within contemporary mainstream.
  9. split w. Almyrkvi
    by The Ruins Of Beverast
    Asomatous Grove Asomatous Grove
    In Bisbee, listening to, ‘Animals’ by Pink Floyd, whilst writing about this record. Ironic, (though without comparison) that they are both examples of cutting edge music for their respective times. Ironic too, the date of this release. I prefer Waters over Gilmour.
  10. Time Lurker
    by time lurker
  11. Demo One
    by The Suns Journey Through The Night
  12. Clearing The Path To Ascend
    by YOB
    Marrow Marrow
    Been wanting, ‘Marrow’ for years now: amazing what a change in price and options will effect. ( I remember toiling at length over the distinctions between affect and effect many years ago. )
  13. Tomorrow could be our last day on earth
    by Forestionist
  14. Les Avatars du Vide
    Par Delà les Aubes Par Delà les Aubes
    Epic is right! Became fixated within minutes of each complimentary track; in reverie and wanting it to last. A, 'Journey of the Hero' laid down in French Cascadian-like atmospherics. This is large. Curious if there is more coming.
  15. Bodemloos
    by Verwoed
    Bodemloos Bodemloos
  16. Scientia 7"
    by Spire
  17. Split with Oppression
    by Sanguine Eagle
  18. Apparitions of Red Earth
    by Leadeater
    Have you ever played the game of chess? Ever listened to music while playing? This long track is complex and would be a perfect companion to the game: could open windows of thought and possibilities within the lesser and greater game. The Crown, The Glory, Kether.
  19. Void Omnia: Of Oak and Soil
    The reward for Knowledge: Cain.
  20. The Murmur
    by Music For Sleep
    Very soothing. Would work wonders under certain conditions: no eating before sleep, and no caffeine under any circumstances (this includes chocolate). Otherwise the Hag is sure to make appearance. The affliction of sleep paralysis is an hateful thing.