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  1. Äiti kyllä sä tiedät
    by Litku Klemetti & Tuntematon numero
  2. 1000 Boys
    by Matt Duncan
  3. Mam Yinne Wa
    by Alogte Oho and his Sounds of Joy
    Mam Yinne Wa Mam Yinne Wa
  4. Someday We'll Linger in the Sun
    by Gaelynn Lea
  5. Ebb & Flow
    by Brown Bird
  6. Highschool Never Ends
    by Mykki Blanco feat. Woodkid
  7. January 2009
    by Vio/Miré
    Shrinking Coasts Shrinking Coasts
    Evokes every feeling, in the best possible way.
  8. Poplar Hollow
    by Mike Gangloff
    Queen Of The Earth, Child Of The Skies Queen Of The Earth, Child Of The Skies
    I am wildly fascinated by the melding of sounds, forms, & instruments across geographic & cultural borders. Mike Gangloff has paired the well known sounds of Appalachian folk with the less known (at least in American music) shruti box, an Indian drone instrument. The match, while unlikely, is sublime. What results is something at once familiar and hauntingly, beautifully unknown. This listening experience is not to be missed.
  9. Trimmings of Hides
    by Norwegian Arms
    Run! Ran! Run! Rah! Run! Ran! Run! Rah!
    One of my very favorite songs of all time ever.
  10. Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll
    by Various Artists
    B.C.K. B.C.K.
    This supremely important collection serves up a small slice of the effervescent rock scene in Cambodia, before it was decimated by the Khmer Rouge. Let's not be led to think that rock and roll is the exclusive purview of white men; it's worth seeking out what everyone else has been up to.
  11. Ben Seretan
    by Ben Seretan
    Light Leaks Light Leaks
    I remember meeting Ben for the first time at a show in Boston and hitching a ride with him to Maine the next day. I remember sitting in a basement in Portland, eyes closed, as waves of sound took me further from corporeality than I'd ever been. This album rests on my wall as a watchful icon. The song is etched lovingly on the back of my skull:

    You will be stronger tomorrow; you will be wiser tonight. You will find new love without warning; you will find new joy with every breath.
  12. False Starts
    by On the Water
    Dog Eat Dog Dog Eat Dog
    Freak folk in the best way, full of roiling emotions and tumultuous melodies that force you to fall in deep. These are modern-day shanties for the rambling West Philadelphian in all of us.
  13. You Will be Spending Time Outdoors, in the Mountains, Near Water
    by Vio/Miré
    Foxes Foxes
    Vio/Miré has been one of my favorite bands for years, almost entirely by accident. They have yet to make a release that was lacking in some way. Theirs is a hallowed and harrowing sound, gentle and transformative. And it's impossible to complain when new music keeps coming out on my birthday.

    I recommend listening through the entire discography.
  14. 1.6.16
    by Mark Mills
    Won't Let You Down Won't Let You Down
    Equal parts sludgy and clean, funky and pop; this is an album that unfolds track by track into something compelling, sometimes silly, and overall very enjoyable. Mark Mills has a lot on offer here, and I'm digging it.
    This album is incredibly important and if you can't grasp that then there is nothing I can do for you.
  16. Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday And Everyday Is Stupid
    by Crywank
    Memento Mori Memento Mori
    I went too long without tuning in to the sort of miserable, masochistic anti-folk that was so formative in those early aughts. From the first few bars of Crywank, I knew this album was going to hurt. Just as surely I relished every ache.
  17. Empire Of Time
    by Find The Others
    Night Owl Night Owl
  18. waste yrself
    by teen suicide
    salvia plath salvia plath
    Something about this song -- and I can't quite say what -- grabs me full-on by the consciousness and sucks me in. The whole album is this way. lo-fi in sound yet hi-fi in emotional poignancy.
  19. New Song
    by Ben Seretan
    My One True Love My One True Love
    sweet sweet ambience; Ben Seretan is also one of the most wonderful people on the planet.
  20. The Kissing Party
    by S.L.F.M
    Dancing On Hardwood Floors Dancing On Hardwood Floors
    Unexpectedly thilling tunes; whimsical punk uke jams.
  21. O Sinister Force
    by Thick Wild
    Wolfmouth Wolfmouth
    Really eerie and lovely folk sounds coming out of Brooklyn.
  22. Kid Carrion
    by Dirty Dirges
    If Love is Dead (What's This Livin' in My Soul) If Love is Dead (What's This Livin' in My Soul)
    These guys are good friends and great musicians. They've got a bright future if they keep it up. (I like to describe this stuff as "country for acid fiends")
  23. Don't Vote
    by Ted Nguyent
    Beach Anarchy Beach Anarchy
    Not that Ted Nugent.
  24. California Birds
    If there was a sound where I had to be like "THIS IS THE BOSTON SOUND," it would be ABADABAD. Not sure if that's justified, but whatever. Please don't miss their newest stuff, especially "All The Bros Say" from The Wild EP.
  25. Wolf Like a Stray Dog
    by Norwegian Arms
    And Then I Found Myself in the Taiga And Then I Found Myself in the Taiga
    What isn't to love about Norwegian Arms, I mean really.
  26. Alam No Hris
    by Krill
    Self-Hate Will Be The Death Of Youth Culture Self-Hate Will Be The Death Of Youth Culture
  27. Endless Bummer
    by Cold Warps
    Endless Bummer Endless Bummer
    Default summer surf punk listening.
  28. Buds
    by Surf Curse
    Ponyboy Ponyboy
  29. Impossible Colors Club: Collages "Secret Oath" b/w Red's Garden "Incommunicado"
    by Impossible Colors
    Secret Oath Secret Oath
  30. McWolf
    by McWolf
    One of my favorite things is when people who don't remember the 80s make things that sound like we're pining for the 80s. Because we are.
  31. I Like You
    by Find The Others
    Only good album we ever got from Tinderbox promo. And it's pretty darn good.
  32. Stop Tonight
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  33. Restless Ghosts
    by Old Abram Brown
    Mountain Lions Mountain Lions
    Old Abram Brown have always been one of my favorite bands out of Boston. This album swells with emotive and passionate songwriting and -playing.
  34. Magic Magic LP
    by magic magic.
    Tahiti Tahiti
    "Tahiti" is a default mix-tape track. "Over Your Heart" comes in second. This album has the sort of casual earnestness to be expected from young people who care a lot but feel uncomfortable about that fact in spite of themselves.
  35. Roger Was a Dancer
    by Bearstronaut
    Local danceability is sublime and invaluable.
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  36. In Basements
    by The Sea Life
    Body Language, Pt. 2 Body Language, Pt. 2
    Shimmery ol' tunes outta Maryland.
  37. stray
    by ikea graveyard
    Off, Off,
  38. "Vampire Fish For Two!"
    by Doctor Gasp and the Eeks
    Monster Mash Monster Mash
    Boston-native beautiful person Dan Blakeslee fulfills all your musical Halloween needs and then some in this gem of an album, well worth an year-round listen.
  39. Dangerous Ponies
    by Dangerous Ponies
    You Are Dangerous You Are Dangerous
    Feels wicked good.
  40. Scrap and Love Songs Revisited
    by Porches
    Daddies Daddies
  41. Bad Dads Doin' Bad Dad Things
    by The Skateboards
    Fixed Gear Dad Fixed Gear Dad
    Just me, doin' the things I like.
  42. Summer Home
    by Old Abram Brown
    Letter Never Sent Letter Never Sent
  43. Tatooine
    by Jeremy Messersmith
    Star Wars fandom sweet enough to make you tear up a little bit.
  44. TAPE / NO TAPE
    by ARKM FOAM
    Side A - TAPE Side A - TAPE
  45. before i hated things
    by contron
    dear john green dear john green