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  1. The Hip Priests/Supersuckers - Split 7" SINGLE 'Aint Ever Gonna Die Again'
    by The Hip Priests
  2. Especially Danny
    by Bitch Queens
  3. Solid Gold Easy Option (Singles 'n' Shit 2017-19) ALBUM
    by The Hip Priests
  4. Dance Motherfucker, Dance
    by Motherfuckin' Motherfuckers
  5. Trite
    by The Fuckin' Glorious
  6. The Hip Priests/'Demons' Split 7" SINGLE 'Cheers To Me' + 'Hot Runnin' Blood'
    by The Hip Priests
  7. We Always Want More EP
    by The Eyelids
  8. Tribute To Motörhead
    by Bitch Queens, The Hip Priests, King Mastino, The Chuck Norris Experiment
  9. The Hip Priests/Flash House 8" SINGLE - 'Last Motherfuckers Left Alive'
    by The Hip Priests
  10. Keepin' Halloween Alive (Single)
    by Chuck Norris Experiment
  11. Crossing the Sanzu
    by Breechloader
    Fuckin A
    I love this record