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  1. amygdala
    by lrwd
  2. Good Thing They Ripped Up The Carpet
    by EXEK
  3. Ball of Wax Volume 64: The Music of TELEPHONE
    by Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly
  4. In Black And Gold
    by Hey Colossus
  5. Four Bibles
    by Hey Colossus
  6. For the first time
    by Black Country, New Road
  7. AVEC
    by lrwd
  8. Ball of Wax Volume 63
    by Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly
  9. The Magnetick
    by lrwd
  10. Darkener
    by Lindsay Schief
  11. OMNI YAGAMI 11.24.2020
    by omni yagami
  12. Sack of the Goths
    by lrwd
    shatter shatter
    Get Sack of the Goths now while it's still hot off the presses--then put on your favorite headphones and turn out the lights because this is late night terrors music. (Do keep a candle or flashlight nearby, though--sounds this visceral are known to conjure actual creepies.)
  13. strawberry mountain
    by lrwd
    by lrwd
    backroom backroom
    I feel insincere choosing a favorite track on an album of dark and beautiful sounds, so I'm going with "backroom" purely on the strength of incorporating dialogue from a favorite film and making it seem somehow...more sinister.
  15. smallgettogether
    by lrwd
  16. Ball of Wax Volume 62
    by Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly
  17. I Love U In Real Life
    by Weekend Lovers
  18. Ball of Wax Volume 61
    by Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly
  19. Lost Wax
    by Levi Fuller
  20. The Celestial Monochord
    by Tony Conrad & Kim Cascone