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  1. STUCK
    by Puce Mary
  2. Retaliation
    by The Chisel
  3. Rovnost
    by V0NT
  4. Flowers Everywhere (Vol 1: 2012 - 2017)
    by Chain Of Flowers
  5. Amphetamine Luck (Single)
    by Chain Of Flowers
  6. BALATAN EP.2 [M.A006]
    by BALATAN
  7. Stillmother
    by United Rust
  8. Sacred Fires
    by Maladia
  9. Venal
    by Donna Haringwey
    No Life No Life
  10. SI019 — Zigged When You Should've Zagged
    by Erotic Fan Fiction
  11. Tension Cable // Sample Pack
    by Miedo Total
  12. SI017 — Doom Cycle
    by JHassall
  13. Come See Me/ Not The Only One EP
    by The Chisel
  14. Sleng Teng Masters
    by REDUCER
  15. split LP w/ CREVASSE
    by V0NT
  16. split cassette w/ MOLLY
    by V0NT
    appears in 1 other collection
  17. High Capacity Magazine
    by Soft Issues
  18. Persian Pillars Of The Gasoline Era
    by Vatican Shadow
    Moving Secret Money Moving Secret Money
  19. Dance dance otherwise we are lost
    by Angel Attack
    Orbits of Happiness (Polanski's "Is This Happiness?" Remix) Orbits of Happiness (Polanski's "Is This Happiness?" Remix)
  20. You Are Now Listening To Autumns
    by Autumns