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  1. Canvas Homes + Supplémentaires
    by Spheruleus
  2. How To Breathe Like A Stone
    by Andrew Heath & Anne Chris Bakker
  3. Sài Gòn
    by Trúc Mai
  4. i=r
    by Lorenzo Masotto
  5. Hand in mine
    by Nebel lang
  6. Don't Worry, I'm With You
    by James Osland & Finn Kelvin
  7. Ahornschraube [SPT Cassingle #3]
    by Harald Sack Ziegler
  8. Blessing of the Hand-Sanitizer [SPT Cassingle #2]
    by The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor
  9. The Inverted Amblyopiac [SPT Cassingle #1]
    by Tiger Village
  10. s/t
    by bleed Air
  11. Live at Budokan
    by Ball Geographie
  12. Play The Blues
    by Woo
  13. Ennio's Muse
    by Whitelabrecs
  14. Longing for Belonging
    by Zola Mennenöh
  15. A Private Road
    by Laura Groves
  16. Ghost Sounds
    by Polaroid Notes
  17. Velatore
    by The Inventors of Aircraft
  18. Human Kindness
    by Tropic of Coldness
  19. Nothing Hurts Forever
    by Glacis & Gavin Miller
  20. Novaya Zemlya
    by Glåsbird