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  1. Sagrada Tierra del Jaguar
    by Yaotl Mictlan
    Ominous, excellent atmospheric black metal. Gets better with every spin.
  2. Your Turn to Die
    by The Watcher
    Doom n' roll. Reminds me of projects like Magister Templi and Magic Circle, but with even more ROCK
  3. Trasciende
    by Sentinels
    YES YES YES THIS RULES! Killer Chilean speed metal a la Santa, Chevailier, Solictor, et al. Blazing fast and never relents!
  4. Solar Paroxysm
    by Mare Cognitum
  5. On Fire
    by Nightmärr
    Metalized punk n' roll with gang vocals! LONG LIVE PONY METAL!
  6. Preserved in Time
    by Wheel
    Wheel's self titled debut is one of the strongest doom releases of all time, full stop. Great to see them finally return, with a heavier sound. Can't wait to hear the full album.
  7. Little Turtle's War
    by Pan-Amerikan Native Front
  8. World's Most Stressed Out Gardener
    by Chad VanGaalen
  9. Evil Strikes Again
  10. Battleroar
    by Battleroar
  11. Age of Chaos
    by Battleroar
  12. Wrath for the ages
    by War Dance
    Awesome Greek epic metal with extremely prominent bass, a la Brocas Helm. Driving and FUN!
  13. Various Artists - Chandra Mixtape Vol. 1
    by We Are Time
  14. Demo
    by Archdruid
    Great atmospheric '70s rock infused noisy stoner doom. Love the vocals!
  15. Figli Del Crepuscolo
    by Hands Of Orlac
    Creepy occult horror movie soundtrack Italian doom in the classic tradition with a fantastic vocalist similar to Blood Ceremony's warbling crooner. What's not to like? This album is great!
  16. I Compagni di Baal
    Long live the strange
  17. Septic Funeral
    by Coffin Mulch
    Nasty death metal in the vein of Autopsy and company. For sickos only!
  18. Shards of Silver Fade
    by Midnight Odyssey
  19. Funerals from the Astral Sphere
    by Midnight Odyssey
  20. My Bones Shall Rest Upon The Mountain
    by Earthshine