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Lasse Adolphsen

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Metal
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  1. Animal Choir
    by Her Name is Calla
  2. Unending
    by Cloudkicker
  3. The Truth in Our Bodies
    by Earth Moves
  4. Mire
    by Conjurer
    Hollow Hollow
  5. Rain World - Ambients and Instrumentals
    by James Primate
  6. Dennis 6e
    by serengetiraps
    Don't Need It Don't Need It
  7. Sombre Dessein
    by Herod
  8. Astronoid
    by Astronoid
  9. Almanac
    by Blame
    7.Victory 7.Victory
  10. Suspended in Reflections
    by Ancestors
    Lying in the Grass Lying in the Grass
  11. Compiler Optimization Techniques
    by The Algorithm
    Sentinel Node Sentinel Node
  12. Summer '89 Extended Pleasure
    by Noizz Factor
  13. Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas - Cygnus (Perturbator remix)
  14. by Alien Weaponry
    by GUNSHIP
    The Mountain The Mountain
  16. Dark All Day
    by GUNSHIP
    Art3mis & Parzival (feat. Stella Le Page) Art3mis & Parzival (feat. Stella Le Page)
  17. Infinite Games
    by The Black Queen
    by LORN
    by UXDXS
  20. frasierwave
    by chris†††
  21. Energy111
    by Hellcom
    Unity2000 Unity2000
  22. Accensor
    by Facechain
    Visage I Visage I
  23. 直線移動
    by Boucle Infinie
  24. Reversed
    by Ocoeur
  25. No Tether
    by Tangled Thoughts of Leaving
  26. Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
    by Deafheaven
  27. JORD
    by MØL
  28. Stranger Fruit
    by Zeal and Ardor
  29. Turtle Skull
    by Turtle Skull
  30. Astraea
    by Rolo Tomassi
  31. Grievances
    by Rolo Tomassi
    Raumdeuter Raumdeuter
  32. Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It
    by Rolo Tomassi
    A Flood Of Light A Flood Of Light
  33. Deads
    by LLNN
  34. Dark Ambient of 2017
    by Cryo Chamber
  35. The Almanac [EP]
    by Kardashev
  36. All We Love We Leave Behind
    by Converge
    Empty On The Inside Empty On The Inside
  37. The Dusk In Us
    by Converge
    The Dusk in Us The Dusk in Us
  38. So Numb
    by Sannhet
    Fernbeds Fernbeds
  39. Hiemal
    by Hiemal
    Homewards Homewards
  40. Suns
    by loscil
  41. Brute Force
    by The Algorithm
    shellcode shellcode
  42. Rain World - Selections from the OST
    by James Primate
    Sundown (Theme I) Sundown (Theme I)
  43. MASS VI
    by AMENRA
    A Solitary Reign A Solitary Reign
  44. "Luciferian Towers"
    by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
    Anthem For No State, Pt. I Anthem For No State, Pt. I
  45. Discography 2012-2014
    by Svalbard
    Ripped Apart Ripped Apart