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  1. Patience
  2. Good Job
    by Gym Tonic
  3. Early Recordings
    by Waxahatchee
  4. Great Thunder
    by Waxahatchee
  5. Garbage People
    by wimps
  6. Snowmelt (EP)
    by Zoe Keating
  7. How to Socialise & Make Friends
    by CAMP COPE
  8. All At Once
    by Screaming Females
    Deeply Deeply
  9. Powerplant
    by girlpool
  10. New Kind of Normal
    by Cayetana
  11. Love Won't Always Be There
    by Basic Nature
  12. Romantic
    Emotional High Emotional High
  13. Nosebleed Weekend
    by The Coathangers
  14. Suitcase
    by wimps
  15. Super Me
    by wimps
  16. Over Easy
    by Diet Cig
  17. Boxcar Lullabies
    by Rayannah
  18. Wheel
    by JuliaWhy?
    Bride To Be Bride To Be
  19. Floods and Fires
    by Yes We Mystic
  20. Outdoor Activities
    by CBMC
  21. Teenage Retirement
    by Chumped
  22. We Resonate
    by Rachael Dadd
  23. True Crime
    by Butter The Children
    Keep Getting Stupider Keep Getting Stupider
  24. Nervous Like Me
    by Cayetana
  25. Projection Room
    by Sleepy Kitty
    Don't You Start Don't You Start
  26. Lean In To It
    by Allison Crutchfield
    You You
  27. Eagle Lake Owls
    by Eagle Lake Owls
    Chair And A Rope Chair And A Rope
  28. Suck My Shirt
    by The Coathangers
  29. Chumped
    by Chumped
  30. Tunnels, Treehouses & Trainsmoke
    by Jeff Andrew
    The Screaming Steel Dragon (Train Tunes) The Screaming Steel Dragon (Train Tunes)
  31. Sinead O'Rebellion 7"
    by Worriers
  32. Mole City
    by Quasi
  33. Pussy Whipped
    by Bikini Kill
  34. 7"
    by all dogs
  35. 1,000 Years
    by Corin Tucker Band