This is Adam Wish-Werven’s music collection on Bandcamp.

Adam Wish-Werven

  1. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  2. Experimental
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    by Booker Stardrum
  2. When they align just so, memories of another life bleed into my own
    by Ricky Eat Acid
  3. The Electric Lukecifer
    by Dead Luke
  4. Take Caution On The Beach
    by Sharkula x Mukqs
  5. Stardust & Hurt
    by Larry Wish
  6. The Manhattan Project - Live In NY
    by Nuke Watch
  7. Plastic Flame
    by American Cream Band
  8. Mirror Guide
    by Giant Claw
  9. Gomdrid's Castle
    by Peter Nichols
  10. Twirling Sol
    by Jake Tobin
  11. One Hundred Breakfasts With The Book
    by Ben Varian
  12. Whistle Along
    by weakwick
  13. self-titled cs
    by weakwick
  14. For Show
    by weakwick
  15. Neophyte
    by weakwick
  16. Comb Hair
    by Larry Wish
  17. Imma Fuckin' Clown
    by Clown Car Cassette Playback
  18. The Right Stuff
    by Joey Agresta
  19. Eloremin
    by Larry Wish
    subscriber exclusive
  20. iPromis
    by Larry Wish / Dani House
    subscriber exclusive