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  1. Garden of Clouds
    by SonLosGrillos
  2. SonLosGrillos V
    by SonLosGrillos
  3. FSR139 Heatwaves - Heatwaves #4 (EP)
    by Heatwaves
  4. FSR098 Las Infrarrojas & Indy Tumbita (EP)
    by Las Infrarrojas
  5. FSR115 Los Retumbes - Colección de canciones de mierda (LP)
    by Los Retumbes
  6. FSR082 Fundación Francisco Frankenstein - No, no, no (LP)
    by Fundación Francisco Frankenstein
  7. FSR050 Thee Braindrops - Tú me quieres matar (single)
    by Thee Braindrops
  8. Kong'n'roll (26 rock'n'roll bands tribute to the Sitges Horror Film Festival) (Doble LP)
    by Family Spree Recordings
  9. FSR018 - Thee Braindrops - Lorraine (EP)
    by Thee Braindrops
  10. FSR053 Thee Braindrops - I need action (LP)
    by Thee Braindrops
  11. FSR137 Los Fusiles - A mano armada (LP)
    by Los Fusiles
  12. Something New
    by The Jack Cades
  13. BIZNAGA "Gran Pantalla" LP
    by Biznaga
  14. FSR129 Sótano Total (Un homenaje a Siniestro Total desde El Sótano de Radio 3) (Doble LP)
    by Family Spree Recordings
  15. Especial de la casa
    by Doctor Divago
    appears in 1 other collection
  16. Caravelle
    by The Wave Chargers
  17. Mamvt
    by Mamvt
  18. FSR94 Freddie Dilevi - In the light of a new day (LP)
    by Freddie Dilevi
  19. FSR121 Fundación Francisco Frankenstein - Vuelva Ud. mañana (LP)
    by Fundación Francisco Frankenstein
  20. Las Cosas Cambian
    by Malcolm Scarpa