This is Largely the Truth, with Brennan Storr’s music collection on Bandcamp.

Largely the Truth, with Brennan Storr

  1. Victoria, British Columbia
  2. Ambient
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  1. Foursome
    by Debris
  2. ALTAR
    by Alina Remains
  3. Vien Kohl/Brake Run Split
    by Flowerpot Records
  4. When The Weather Is Nice
    by Fruitfly
  5. A Constant State Of Suspense
    by Wax Teeth
  6. Smaller
    by Jo Rodriguez
  7. You're Gonna Hurt Them
    by Fruitfly
  8. Yerba Muerte!
    by Flowerpot Records
  9. Demo Like The Dead
    by Dance Like The Dead
  10. Warmth Of The Flame
    by Old Customer
  11. Sadness/Vulning
    by Flowerpot Records
  12. Charlie
    by Brainwreck
  13. Discography
    by Pictures Of June
  14. Proud & Prejudiced
    by The Southside Choir Boys
  15. One Way Street
    by Fruitfly
  16. Mutronics
    by Genki Genki Panic
  17. now and then
    by sjowgren
  18. Bloodsucker
    by ICE WAR
  19. Steady Hand
    by DYAN
  20. Dark Streets
    by DYAN