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  1. Zion People/ Bun it Out! (Soundsystem BRESHAN 2020)
    by Reezlash
  2. Sapient
    by Steven Chesne
    Nyansapo: The Wisdom Knot (soft mix) Nyansapo: The Wisdom Knot (soft mix)
    It got me transfixed immediately. Deep meaning, beautiful vocals, stunning effects, superb composition and arrangements... It definitely speaks to the soul.
  3. Bach, give us a tune!
    by Reel Bach Consort
    Toccata (BWV 565) Toccata (BWV 565)
    This CD is a delight. It gives you not only a new perspective on Bach's music; it also makes you chuchke because it has many other hidden winks and references. And the whole story it is embedded in makes it even more special. Highly recommended: it will lift you up and maybe spark hood conversation with other music lovers around you.
  4. The Longest Night
    by The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments
    I've been following the SSAI for several years now and I am thrilled that they have released a CD with Nordic music. The nyckelharpa crates haunting and beautiful sounds apes and the arrangements of the songs are so enjoyable... Just in time for the Winter season!
  5. Vixen and Kits
    by Etelin
    I usually don't listen to ambient music, but this track is just fantastic. There is so much to listen to and the atmosphere it creates is lovely.
  6. The Ministry of Angels
    by The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments
    A solis ortus cardine / Personent Hodie A solis ortus cardine / Personent Hodie
    It's really difficult to pick a favorite track.... What I love most about this CD is its richness: several strings, percussions, an uncommon singing voice. And I love variations and adornments. It must be fantastic to hear and see the SSAI play live.
  7. Nine Daies Wonder
    by The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments
  8. Say it again!
    by Reezlash
    by Horses Brawl
  10. Wild Lament
    by Horses Brawl
  11. Horses Brawl
    by Horses Brawl
  12. Witchy Ways: an October Mix-tape
    by S. J. Tucker
    Firebird's Child (Blessings, 2007) Firebird's Child (Blessings, 2007)
    It is difficult to pick a favourite track because all are so good. I was bewitched from the first moment I heard Song of the Witches. In fact, this was the first album I bought on Bandcamp. Perfect vocals, gorgeous arrangements, wonderful lyrics... I really enjoy listening to it, especially in Autumn.
  13. Fireside Carols
    by The Golden Eggs
    The Twelve Days of Christmas The Twelve Days of Christmas
    What I love about this CD is the cozy atmosphere. It is like going to a friend's house and listening to him and other friends playing and singing. And there were some songs I didn't know... The arrangements are very appealing, the singing quality could be better, but you immediately notice that their strong part are the instruments. All in all a very enjoyable album for the Christmas season.

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