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  1. チューリップのアップリケTulip Applique
    by 太陽肛門スパパーン The sun,An anus,Splush!!
  2. Memory Eternal - Вечная память
    by Star of Heaven
  3. The Workbench
    by Brian Harnetty
  4. Circles
    by FLAU
  5. Dominique Pamplemousse: the "Director's Cut" Soundtrack
    by Squinky and the Squinkettes
  6. People Clasp Imagination EP
    by Wood Pushing Melon
  7. 哀流:为开盘带录音而演奏的萨克斯曲 Sorrow Blows: Saxophone Solo For Reel-to-reel Tape Recording
    by 老丹 Lao Dan
  8. Chinese Medicine 草乙术
    by Lao Dan 老丹
  9. Live (1986-1988)
    by Ché-SHIZU
  10. The Mayor of Sanctuary - Official Soundtrack
    by Joseph Tomkins
  11. Myanmar Root Music
    by Si Wa Project
  12. A Collection of Whom 谁的合集
    by 青蚌玉子
  13. GoodSoop, Vol. 2
    by Devin Henderson
  14. Göldi fell
    by Several Wives
  15. When It Rains It Pours
    by Devin Henderson
  16. I Am A Stick
    by Baby Dee
  17. Divide the Light. Escape! Escape!
    by A-Sun Amissa
  18. Land Marks
    by Richard Knox
  19. forgotten spirits reminds me of I'm still have to do (more than this)
    by Yonju Miyaoka
  20. おこる
    by Chie Mukai