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  1. 님의 침묵
    by 푸른 산
  2. We salute you, you and you!
    by EF
  3. Ice Fleet
    by KAUAN
    Taistelu Taistelu
    "...the album offers the most frozen post-metal-in-spirit post-rock experience you can imagine. The heavy and overwhelming composition are at the same time blackgaze-like smooth and captivating to reflect the Arctic conditions, the temperature, the blizzard", more:
  4. Elegy
    by Serein / Departing
    Departing - The Emptiness in Loss Departing - The Emptiness in Loss
    "The music here is static and cold, filled with sadness and regret. I can't think of a better way of expressing those [feelings]", more:
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. Rupture
    by Lost In Kiev
    We Are We Are
    "And, truth be told, it is mostly kept in the style they managed to get us used to already: the guitar post-rock filled with modern and exciting electronica up to the lid. As the guitars are really meant to be overwhelming and pretty dark-sounding, at least at the beginning, the lighter synthy side balances the resulting music perfectly", more:
  6. Ostatnie święta [2020] feta. Mikołaj Trzaska
  7. Realms (EP)
    by HOLY FAWN
  8. No Beginning Where Everything Ends
    by Jiangnan Shangguan
  9. Probably Not
    by The Heart of The Sun
  10. It emerged to hold me
    by Alessandro Incorvaia
    A part of me and I'll take care of A part of me and I'll take care of
    "And fittingly, it is based on layers of distorted synths and guitars, creating very peaceful but also dangerously dark atmosphere of loneliness and nostalgia.", more:
  11. Blue
    by Youth Novels
    Blue Blue
    "The Ania Babrakowska and Emil Nowak duo has a fantastic ability to effortlessly engage the audience into their dreamy and nostalgic world. The title track that opens the short EP has its catchy tune and fairly energetic pace but it is, most certainly, a beautiful and tear-jerking ballad. And as such, it sets the tone for the whole album", more:
  12. Wilt
    by Wilt, Oceans
    Blank Field Blank Field
    "The results are extremely airy and utterly dreamy. The heavy guitars create a multidimensional space within which the listener is closed but can only appreciate this fact while the music rocks around them. It is a mesmerizing blend of heavy guitars and ethereal atmosphere", more:
  13. Wrought
    by Hiroe
    Doom Moon Doom Moon
    "This is the kind of music that is centered around three guitars and the impressive wall of sound they are able to generate. And although in some places it feels like a hit in your jaw, overall they provide the very positive feelings", more:
  14. Der Regen
    by Päfgens
    Nylon Nylon
    "The subtlety is the keyword here: the music is based on acoustic sounds that get looped and changed all over so they create tiny mazes of mesmerizing sound. And those mazes lead us through tiny worlds filled with field recordings that make them alive", more:
  15. Like A Daydream
    by Llarks
  16. Tears of the Moon v.2
    by The Palace of Tears
  17. What's to Fear?
    by Onira
  18. Daisy
    by atmos bloom
  19. Beyond Days
    by Midpoint Union
  20. Hnieŭ
    by Flower and Pines
    Hnieŭ II Hnieŭ II
    "The noisy and experimental on many levels music has some of the east sacral vibe that is certainly only strengthen by the impressive and very original vocals. It is folk, it is dark, there's so many things going on...", more: