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  1. Hopes Of Yore (Digital Single)
    by Our Ceasing Voice
  2. Steadied Stars In The Morphium Sky (EP) - Special Edition
    by Our Ceasing Voice
  3. Passenger Killed In Hit And Run (Single EP)
    by Our Ceasing Voice
  4. Walcząc ostro z cieniem [2020]
  5. Northern Star Records - Lockdown Live
    by 93millionmilesfromthesun
  6. Stories of an Old Man
    by Grzegorz Bojanek
    She Painted and Therefore She Was Imprisoned She Painted and Therefore She Was Imprisoned
    "Alongside electronic soundscapes he creates delicate noise/drone that makes his works sound like old vinyls that remember the times of Ella Fitzgerald" ENGLISH:
  7. Exit in Darkness
    by MONO & A.A.Williams
    Exit in Darkness Exit in Darkness
    "Two tracks on the album consists of both sensual and at the same time melancholic vocals by Williams and quite peaceful version of the Japanese' music. The latter took me by surprise" ENGLISH:
  8. Persona
    by Lost In Kiev
    Lifelooper® Lifelooper®
    "Persona consists of short for the post-rock music songs that are filled with electronics, samples and everything that makes the traditional post-rock more interesting and attractive" ENGLISH:
  9. How Are We to Fight the Blight?
    by The Shaking Sensations
    End of Hope End of Hope
    "Every instrument has its special moment on the album, like for example the bass in >Manual Trauma<, but what's perhaps even more important, the band knows the ways of the true clue of the post-rock craft - creating interesting and non-obvious compositions" ENGLISH:
  10. Divino Afflante Spiritu
    by Labirinto
    Divino Afflante Spiritu Divino Afflante Spiritu
    "It's visible as the new album has zero moments of unnecessary sounds. Heavy, metal guitars are combined with sporadic growl and structured into very much post-rock-like compositions" ENGLISH:
  11. Nowhere Now Here
    by MONO
  12. Neurisol
    by Kynduum
    appears in 1 other collection
  13. DxT - EP
    by DxT
  14. For
    by All Partial
  15. Ruines (Remastered)
    by thehappymask
  16. Noir Kid (Instrumental Version)
    by Violet Cold
  17. Dream Character
    by matt jencik
    Lifeless Body Train Ride Lifeless Body Train Ride
    "Jencik introduced some new elements to his work - live improvisations and a whole range of live instruments from guitars to organs. It's hard to wrap your mind around the fact how heavy and overwhelming the ambient he created is" ENGLISH:
  18. JAFO
    by Opollo
    by Barrens
    The Passing The Passing
    "Indeed this freshness is something you immediately notice. The guitar sounds here make a real feast filled with energy and quality, I'm no expert but I think the album is outstanding mastering-wise" ENGLISH:
  20. Nobody / Nowhere
    by City Of Dawn