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  2. Metal
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  1. Dance Like a Pink Flamingo
    by Trollfest
  2. Quest
    by Paladin
  3. Au-Delà des Lieux Légendaires
    by Weress
  4. Serve to Deserve
    by Benighted
  5. Woodcreeper - "Mephisto's Kite"
    by Forbidden Place Records
    Cobwebs Cobwebs
  6. Lost Elegies
    by Primalfrost
    Stormbearer Stormbearer
  7. Blood of the Old Gods
    by Restless Spirit
    Blood of the Old Gods Blood of the Old Gods
  8. The Age of the Saucers
    by Hollywood Burns
    Skylords Skylords
  9. Tide Turns Eternal
    by Dream Unending
    Dream Unending Dream Unending
  10. Pathogenesis (Single + Instrumental)
    by Rabbit Junk
    Pathogenesis Pathogenesis
  11. Balin's Fated March
    by Line of Durin
  12. 12/30/21: A Boulder County Wildfire Relief Compilation
    by Various Artists
    Meditation on a Midwinter Meditation on a Midwinter
  13. Empathica
    by Unreqvited
    Empathica II: Everwinter Empathica II: Everwinter
  14. Escape To Weird Mountain Volume 7
    by Forbidden Place Records
    Woodcreeper - "Mephisto's Kite" Woodcreeper - "Mephisto's Kite"
  15. Black Spell - "The Purple Skull"
    by Forbidden Place Records
    Dark Priest Of Hell Dark Priest Of Hell
  16. Ultraterrestrial (Single Version)
    by Moth66
  17. Fell Sorcery Abounds
    by Morgul Blade
    The Five Will Ride At Dawn The Five Will Ride At Dawn
  18. Gloire Éternelle
    by First Fragment
    Gloire Éternelle Gloire Éternelle
  19. Kaiju Daisenso
    by Kaiju Daisenso
    Hedorah Attack Hedorah Attack
  20. Carnivorous
    by Kaiju Daisenso