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  1. Why Not Just Be Solo
    by Lebanon Hanover
  2. The World Is Getting Colder
    by Lebanon Hanover
  3. Tomb For Two
    by Lebanon Hanover
  4. MonoB vs NoroE
    by Exorganics [CL010] (Drone Experimental - Dark Ambient)
  5. Theatre Of Cruelty [uprGOLD016] (Industrial - noise)
    by HIV+
    by [uprGOLD 14] Shaped To Deform (Electro Wave)
  7. Город Болит EP
    by Sydney Valette, Iron Court, Poison Point, Supernova 1006, Kino
  8. Don't Run From The Fire
    by Minuit Machine
  9. Stolen & Contaminated Songs (CSR276CD/LP)
    by Coil
  10. Zamia Lehmanni (Songs Of Byzantine Flowers) (CSR274CD/LP)
    by SPK
  11. MD103 - LES TÉTINES NOIRES "Anthomologie (1981-1997)"
    by Les Tétines Noires
  12. A Guide For Beginners - The Voice Of Silver / A Guide For Finishers - A Hair Of Gold (CSR288CD)
    by Coil
  13. FP029 X
    by She Past Away
  14. Part Time Punks
    by She Past Away
  15. FP027 Disko Anksiyete
    by She Past Away
    by [uprGOLD 11] Bodhi Labyrinth (Neo Wave) vinyl
  17. LA MAIN
    by [uprGOLD 12] La Mélodie Du Sombre (Synth Wave) CD
  18. ADAN & ILSE
    by [UPR013] Tombé Pour La France (synth pop)
  19. ICESUN
    by [uprGOLD 13] Iceworks (Post-Punk) CD
    by [CL005] Željava ( Sci-Fi Electro) CD