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  1. The Way (Bonus Disk)
    by Zack Hemsey
  2. Ghosting
    by Stumbleine
    Heart Shaped Locket Heart Shaped Locket
    Stumbleine making some beautiful music, that can just take you away from all the trouble, pain and this world.

    I remember i first found this album like 3 years ago. the girl i loved with everything i am left me after 9 years. because she let people and her family just push her ways. anyways this helped me get over my darkest times when i just wanted to die.
    but day in and day out in the bed,shower anywere i was playing this album. i love it and i believe everyne needs this. this is everything
  3. Infinite Overcast
    by Stumbleine
    Brunette Brunette
    Yet again I find myself lost in this!
  4. Remixes & Stuff
    by Stumbleine
  5. Can't Sleep
    by Lunagram
    Lunagrams music has this bittersweet feel that I just can't get enough of. It's simple yet beautiful, easy going. Like it reminds me of that point right after a really bad storm.

    You can't take someone's word, you got to listen to his music yourself and let it paint these really beautiful dark blue and black pictures with color on the side within your mind.
  6. The Wait
    by Lunagram
    Reconciliation Reconciliation
    This Bittersweet outlook is just far to beautiful to look over. I've listen to this album over 1000 times. Recomciliaton is my fav, but the whole album is just to good. if you call yourself a music lover then this is a must have. I don't know how meany time i wold play this album driving by the beach listening to it at like 4 am. when i just couldn't sleep. it put my heart and soul to ease.
  7. torn between comas
    by falls
    stray_46 stray_46
    This is JUST FUCKING AMAZING, Love Stray_46 It really Pleases my soul this whole album. Everyone on this planet need this.
  8. At Fault (feat. There Is A Fox)
    by Mark Redito
  9. Mixes
    by Stumbleine
    by BLVC SVND
  11. Capital Vices
    by Zeu$
    Acedia (The Revelation) Acedia (The Revelation)
    I’ve been jamming to this forever, this really needs to get shared and put out there it’s beautiful work.
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  12. rainy evening [ep]
    by idealism
    how many stars are there how many stars are there
  13. 3AM Apologies
    by Mark Redito
  14. oldthought
    by falls
  15. short fields 1, 2, and 3
    by falls
  16. coastal
    by falls
  17. w/ #u
    by falls
  18. we lift it from us
    by falls
  19. kept / akara
    by falls
  20. tape_Cuts
    by falls