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  1. White Death
    Immortal Hunter of the Moon Immortal Hunter of the Moon
  2. War Moans
    by Mutoid Man
    Melt Your Mind Melt Your Mind
  3. The Armor of Ire
    by Eternal Champion
    Invoker Invoker
    This band has essentially changed my taste in music. I now find myself looking for music similar to this when before it was never a desire. This album is an addiction.
  4. Exercises in futility LP 2015
    by Mgła
    Exercises in futility I Exercises in futility I
    When it comes to modern black metal there is not a single band that does it as well as Mgła and this album is their Magnum Opus. I really hope this band proves me wrong and makes an even better album but I don't see how that would be possible at the moment.
  5. Satan's Hallow
    by Satan's Hallow
    Beyond The Bells Beyond The Bells
  6. Starspawn
    by Blood Incantation
    Vitrification of Blood (Part I) Vitrification of Blood (Part I)
  7. Reflections
    by Tarot
    Autumn Conjuration Autumn Conjuration
  8. Oath of Elucidation
    by Nightkin
    My Work Is Not Yet Done My Work Is Not Yet Done
    This is THE underground gem of the year for me. The drumming is consistent, constant, and impressive. The guitar is interesting, including good riffs and very impressive solos dispersed perfectly. To tie it all together they have a phenomenal vocalist who takes this already great album to another level. I am fucking in love with this album!
  9. Moonlover
    by Ghost Bath
    Haunting, powerful, beautiful, and moving. This dark masterpiece is the very personification of deeply-rooted pain. Ghost Bath has beautifully crafted a twisted lullaby that sounds like demons clawing from the incessant chains of hell.
    10/10 album of the year.